Update on Researcher RebelSkum: He Lives!

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Welcome to the Chozo show. In my last video I highlighted 6 researchers who went dark and were last seen investigating pizzagate. In that video we confirmed that the user FLYNNL1VE5 was indeed alive, albeit in custody of the Oregon State Police.

That finding gave us proof of life for one out of the six, but the other five researchers were MIA. Including the prolific researcher RebelSkum, who has been uncharacteristically silent on every single one of his many social media accounts for over 5 months.

I know many of us prayed Rebelskum would be alive and protected and I have some Glorious news! Our prayers were answered! He is Alive and Safe!

RebelSkum's biggest contributions to the pizzagate investigation were

a free book, The Case Against DynCorp,
a free documentary, The Devil of Little St. James,

interviews with freely available podcasts,
the pizzagate wiki he maintained with his own time and resources (which was also free to join and contribute) and hundreds of posts freely available to this day.

He is still lurking around on reddit as RebelliousSkoundrel. https://www.reddit.com/user/RebelliousSkoundrel

HALLELEUJA! A live one! Ryan Zimmerman, arguably the single-most impactful pizzagate researcher was indeed, most definitely, safe!

Was Rebelskum ‘Threatened’ by Lt. Col. Michael Aquino?

Mr. Michael Aquino was a 'Military Intelligence Officer' and Satanist from back in the day.

In the end, the Lt. Col. was not the primary reason Rebelskum went dark. Surely, it does not help when difficulties are compounded with legal liabilities as a researcher, but ultimately, Rebelskum had to put his pro-bono research on hold due to family.

Hearing that Rebelskum was alright was the best news we could have gotten. It literally answered my prayers. I hope we continue to get good news as we look into the other four users mentioned

I will continue to look into some new things we’re learned about these users in future updates.

If you have additional information about their research or their safety, contact me on twitter, gab, email, or leave a comment below.

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