What is the most effective way to un-brainwash a large number of people?

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The most effective way of un brainwashing people is to show the truth via evidence, without commentary.

Simply: put the evidence down and walk away.

It is simply not possible to actively change someone’s mind.

It’s not possible to ‘unbrainwash”, as an intention.

There is simply the information.

However, people will never take the pill until they are ready. The best people can do is to keep putting the information out there with good intentions and hoping or knowing that people will come to it in their own way eventually. Please remember, there was a time when people were “100% certain” cigarette smoking did NOT cause cancer. Those that knew otherwise kept putting the information out there and eventually the strong marketing and legal maneuvering of big tobacco could no longer compete with the raw, and eventually plentiful, data showing otherwise.

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@psychanaut i think that at this point in our era it is too late to wake up masses. This awakening of fellow people process has been going on for a long time. Yet the masses still are submissive without even pondering on why something strange is presented.

Isaac Newton was on to interesting plots that would have waken a lot of people if the masses would read his unpublished books instead of talking about them after his death. Although, this works in their favor, a non-critically thinking individual has now become a society that opposes what is not told on or from popular institutions that sadly restrict opposing views of rational thought

I am tired of the never ending cycle of people not fighting what they are following. This will not stop until our deaths