Uncovered CIA/Pedophile exposé from blog in 2014 and some other PIZZAGATE related MIND CONTROL info

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From what we are all reading, it seems apparent that this pedophile ring is neither recent nor located only in the United States.

Over the past few days I have watched:

The True Story of Madeleine McCann, four hours of information on child abduction which looked more and more like a killing and a cover up followed by Conspiracy of Silence, which would have blown the lid off of at least part of a localized ring that led up to the FBI in the 1980's-but was repressed at the time.

Through all of that, I got led to a blog from 2014, which has links galore to CIA implicated pedophile rings as well as documentation on everything from Boys Town in Omaha to Jimmy Savile in the UK, ---many of these rings appearing to be not just for sex slaves and satanic/other rituals/child pornography, but are also organized to implicate and blackmail the world elite. Does this connect to MK Ultra mind control? It seems to. Let's investigate...

Please feel free to dig into these leads and new avenues of research in hopes that a more complete picture of the methods and strategies used can be revealed. Any new information we can find and put into the bigger picture, will get us closer to understanding how to deal with and eradicate this evil from our planet.

This comprehensive blog is from 2014 before Pizzagate, but giving good evidence of many of the past rings together in one post...http://aanirfan.blogspot.com/2014/11/the-cia-runs-pedophile-rings.html

One more thing important to touch on are the obvious sex slave/mind control events going on around us at this time. Even though everyone is already making the connection to Kanye West, let's recall all of the semi-recent starlets that came unraveled before our eyes. I am thinking of Amanda Bynes. I wanted to remind everyone her night and day transformation from perfect girl starlet into a woman whose personality came unraveled in public, before her eventual fade away from the spotlight. I wonder where she is now. In case you only recall her vapid IG persona, please watch this piece which has earlier clips of her before her transformation.

Watch her go from a smart and poised, articulate woman to someone who seems to be shedding her former identity...

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