My letter to Roberta's Pizza after I found the Clinton Connection...

in pizzagate •  2 years ago


I’ve been going to Roberta’s since it opened. I’ve lived in Bushwick for 17 years, if that helps give a timeline.
The fact that Roberta’s hosted the criminal Hillary Clinton, whose campaign manager is a child rapist connected to Comet Ping Pong and Besta Pizza, is enough for me to never set foot into Roberta’s again.

There is no amount of money or “fun” possible to remove the disgusting images I have seen as regards to #pizzagate and there is no amount of money or “fun” which could allow me to see Hillary Clinton as anything more than a corrupt murdering psycho who sleeps next to a known Rapist, Bill Clinton and who has a baby raping psycho for her campaign manager.

Also, now that I’ve seen all the “Third eye pizza” images used in DC in the #pizzagate scandal, I have to wonder why you also use the same imagery. 

It’s been real and it’s been fun, but has it been real fun, Roberta’s?
I’m too disgusted to see Roberta’s as anything other than a front for despicable characters. 


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