Out of Darkness - Episode 5 - Dark Deeds At Boys Town USA

in pizzagate •  9 months ago

Satanic ritual abuse (SRA) and child sex trafficking are very real. I have personally interviewed several adults who were subjected to SRA as children. Some of the women I spoke to were subjected to ritual abuse as part of mind control programs. Others were simply child sex slaves who were used to satisfy the wicked lusts of evil people.

This is the information that the elites do not want you to have. This is the truth behind the horrifying scandals that came to be ridiculed as #Pizzagate.

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So sad what has happened to BBC. They used to do some decent investigative reporting like what they were trying to do here, but now, they are almost as bad as msm.


Did you know that the television network is owned by the government just like their Church? The broadcasting equipment is also government owned. In England you have to pay to have just a regular T.V. antenna and they pay an enforcement arm to make sure it's done. 1984 was written and inspired by a British author in 1948. By switching the last two digits he was able to get it published. What you get is a view into and through a different facet of the same gem designed to dazzle you through B.S. Will rogers and Mark twain come the closest to telling it like it is.

I was shocked when Vid.me folded, glad your series is here on Steemit, thanks Jake!

Wish you would post on bitchute more. I like minds.com too.

Yeah, I actually knew about this and about King many years ago. BUT many People Don't Give a Rat's Ass about anything and THEREIN LIES THE WHOLE PROBLEM. I bet the USA gets "cleansed" at some point in the future.

I LOVE that your giving the middle finger toYouTube and posting the documentary there!!!! I’m going now to watch it (I’ve never been able to find it); hope I’m not too late!! I’m so proud of the stand you’re taking!! - Piper Wilson from YT


Darn! I don’t see it at Jake333 on YT. Did it already get taken down?

The Italian Mafia is all right out of the vatican. I'm 1/2 Italian and Roman Catholic this current pope is a piece of scum like the last one Benedict. BUT the Italian Mafia has 100 times more honor and morals than any Democratic politician.


There might be one or two good politicians. I suppose they get out voted. Mafia organization has some skin in the game that's for sure.

Why am I not able to play the videos? I am subscribed to steemit now. Frustrating!


There must be a technical reason and a place for that kin of question. Yep, found it. http://www.letmegooglethat.com/?q=Why+some+video+formats+do+not+play+on+my+computer

Fantastic to see you on Dtube and away from those filthy sensoring pigs at google and Youtube.