The Pizzagate Challenge

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Let's talk about Pizzagate and October 2016, in Detail, at Length.

Note: This is truly NSFW/NSFL and an adult only article, 18+ only please. It is also a very long post and if you read the links as is necessary to have any grasp of the topic, it is near book length. To my knowledge it is the single best treatment of the subject and it is intended as a workbook, you will have to read the links and think for yourself to have any chance to comprehend it. There will be no tl:dr, nor could there be. If you are incapable of completing this article and examining the evidence yourself, then you should shut your mouth on the topic of Pizzagate, just like you have shut your mind. If all you are going to do is scroll to the bottom and make some inane comment as is the fashion on steemit, I would prefer you just left now and looked at pictures of ducks or something more suited to your mental capacity.


"When evaluating a story with two sides, the side that is being more manipulative is the far more often incorrect and therefore deserves far more scrutiny." - Me

The Pizzagate wikipedia article, and other attempted debunkings, do not even begin to adequately address or even mention the actual evidence on the topic. It is therefore clearly, like most mass media discussions of the following collection of information, an elaborate dodge of the issue. This is itself one of the most suspicious aspects of Pizzagate. How this article could possibly transform the numerous verified "Spirit Cooking" events mentioned by John Podesta and Hillary Clinton in their leaked and verified emails into home cooked meals with John Podesta's mother is beyond the capacity of a rational mind to fathom outside the context of a carefully calculated campaign of disinformation. It fails to mention the artwork of the Podesta's and the walls of Comet, the bizarre social media connection pictures, the strange codes in the emails and Hillary Clinton's direct connection to Laura Silsby(Gaynor).

In other words, the Pizzagate wikipedia article, curated by whatever Hillary Clinton and the Podesta's can afford, fails to describe Pizzagate at all, whatsoever.

Make up your own mind how this could be, but in my opinion this is the single most incriminating piece of evidence. The vast trove of information I have accumulated in this post is not supposed to exist and you will be called crazy by armies of online personas for saying it does exist.

Yet here is is, pages and pages of it.

Pizzagate does not allege that children were necessarily harmed at Comet Ping Pong, but rather that it was a networking hub used for meeting of the people involved and a cover occupation for one of the central figures, James Alefantis, whose real last name is alleged by Pizzagate researchers such as myself to be Rothchild. Further, neither I nor other Pizzagate researchers necessarily implicate Barack Obama as part of the network and find this as well as the hard drive-destroying shooting event at the location to be 'poison pills' designed to distract from the actual evidence, none of which appears in any of the official accounts or numerous alleged debunkings.

What the Pizzagate theory and this post will demonstrate, however, is that there was(and is) a very well-funded effort by Correct the Record/Shareblue/whateverDNC to discredit the story in every way possible which would include a concerted effort to control the Pizzagate wikipedia page and other sources easily influenced by money and institutional forces under the influence of the Clinton Campaign and their satellites, such as Reddit and Twitter. Further, it is clear that although the Trump campaign has distanced itself from this issue, there is every reason to believe that Russian propaganda agents, to which I have no allegiance or sympathy, use it where convenient to sew chaos in the American media as part of their other efforts to weaken resistance to Trump's rising fascism and in any other way weaken the United States using sophisticated disinformation tactics.

As such, Pizzagate itself is a vast ideological conflict zone, with as much smoke and as many mirrors as any topic in the history of the human species. It implicates so many members and sub-mafias of the top of the pyramid that they are obviously unanimous that any discussion of it be squashed, nipped in the bud. The only other comparable historical events are the JFK assasination and 9/11, and I hold and assert Pizzagate is more significant than both. I really wish someone could convince me otherwise.

I believe it is an obvious deduction that in a state such as Russia, as well as many other authoritarian states in the world, the same sort of child abuse networks as those which can be inferred from the Pizzagate evidence, exist, as those with enough money in such mafioso states can purchase anything they want. As such all parties involved after the release of the Podesta/Clinton/DNC emails had reason to seek the compromise of Wikileaks and Julian Assange. This is, after all of the research of this article, the only unifying cause I can find between the power structures of the USA, Russia and the EU. All national propaganda networks absolutely refuse to address this topic in such a surprising manner, one seldom finds agreement among them.

This post links together everything I personally find credible and is the only such repository yet to be committed to the steem blockchain and as such, represents a vast amount of media information, the majority of which has never been discussed on mass media in any country in the world.

You should read it and understand it, and take the Challenge I will soon offer you. The manipulative Wikipedia authors take the challenge I will present backwards, they start with 12 or so weak, cherry-picked pieces of the available evidence and then discredit those, leaving the majority of the theory absolutely unconsidered and unaddressed by the vast majority of people in a display of extremely sophisticated censorship.

Share this with everyone you know, and if they are unable to read it and respond to it intelligently, then they simply have no credibility on the matter.

This subject is of dire importance to any understanding of the current state of the world, as both candidates of the 2016 election are implicated, which of course includes the current sitting U.S. president. As such, it is the greatest crisis in the history of the United States, and maybe the world, as pertains to the overall health and safety of the human species.

At least, if you are one of the people who actually has any intent to protect children from harm and/or live in a society free from the insane tyranny of unchecked, occultist rulers.

Pizzagate and the events surrounding its discovery in October 2016 are not a game. Rather, they make every other question of historical fact in human history look like a game. Everything we think we know about the nature of our world hinges on whether or not certain things in that month happened or did not happen. Every day that proceeds without resolution is a strike at the heart of humanity, a crack in the collective mind of thinking people on earth. Every day more disinformation is added to the pile, more distraction. You can even see it on Steemit as many of the conspiracy oriented accounts refuse entirely to deal with this question, instead focusing on every possible detail of the "DNC Hack" while ignoring every single other aspect of that month. You can see how the entire American mass media which for years refused to even consider the word conspiracy as relates to American politics and events such as 9/11 are now obsessed with the synonym "collusion" between Donald Trump and Russia, at the expense of any focus at all upon WHAT the DNC hack revealed through the podesta emails. (including the somewhat more innocent but now utterly proven fact that the "Democratic Party" cheated wildly against Bernie Sanders, one of the greatest political mistakes in the history of the world if the intent was to actually win the 2016 "election."(the voting process in american can only loosely be called an election of course.) Dozens of articles on obvious disinformation sites like "Humansarefree" and "Thelastamericanvagabond" muddy the water and use it to spread chaos preventing any actual narrative from being understood by more than a few people at a time.

To say that you do not know or do not care to know the course of events of 2016, especially those of October as related to Wikileaks, is to plainly admit(which no one actually does, but this is what it means even if you are in denial) that you are willing to be ruled by what William Cooper refered to as "Mystery Schools", more generically known as "secret societies". You have given up and let the people who rule you have their secrets, even if they are outrageous, dastardly, and Evil.

As I have previously talked about at length in my blog(see Truth Now vs. Truth Never, and others), the trend in political economy individual humans face is called "Hypernormalization." Rapid change combined with the difficulty of accessing real journalism and actual, verifiable facts, creates a condition in the population where people simply give up on knowing facts at all. Gradually those who keep trying to know facts begin to really stand out in the crowd of spineless, ignorant masses who just want to go home and watch fluff television. One by one those who try to establish a narrative counter to the obviously contradictory one presented on mass media channels begin to kill themselves(James Padfield, Gary Webb, Michael Ruppert), die in strange accidents or early heart attacks(Michael Hastings, Andrew Breitbart, Erica Garner) or be outright murdered(Seth Rich, *cyprus car bomb lady, serbian lady, russian journalists, Monica Peterson).(these short lists just scratch the surface of the actual number of mysterious deaths)

At the same time, bizarro, cryptic, emotionally traumatic mass casualty events(Newtown, Norway, Las Vegas, San Bernadino, Aurora, Parkland and of course 9/11 or [*russia's 9/11]) create so many mysteries and tragedies that the number of actual investigators is spread so thin that glaring, obvious questions remain unanswered while the spectacles themselves contribute to an atmosphere that can only be described as one of tension, growing ever nearer to pervasive fear and outright panic.

Besides this, the only other consistent pattern is that the individuals and groups who hold the most power in society consolidate their power, using every tragedy and/or mystery in the most convenient way possible to accomplish their goals, which always, always include the weakening of individual rights and dissolution of Republican government(the actual definition of the Republican form of government, not the farcical political party which bears the name in an expression of maximum cynicism) The pyramidal distribution of power simply continues to sharpen at the top. What really trickles down, never money or prosperity of course, is an orthodoxy that when questioned excludes the questioning individual from the tiers of the economic system that offer any of the actual benefits the society may offer. And eventually puts them in danger.

This is what Quincy Jones meant when he said in regards to discussing Hillary Clinton and the JFK Assasination in a recent GQ magazine interview that "We shouldn't talk about these things publicly."

0 quincy jones.png

He knows very well that what Americans consider Free Speech is a pernicious lie and that while many things may be said, there are real punishments awaiting for those who speak outside of clear ideological boundaries. That there are powerful groups who operate in the shadows and are ready to punish anyone who reveals anything about them.

Consider the recent report about David Seaman, one of very few public individuals who have continued to write about the events of October 16 and Pizzagate. If he is just an insane wingnut, then why is he being bullied by a flood of trolls and having his accounts disrupted without explanation? If he is so marginal, why aren't powerful people ignoring him? Isn't that the definition or marginal, that you can be easily ignored?

Through this we can discern many elements of the powers which rule us.(personally I hold out hope that the police cars that sit outside David's house are there to protect and warn him, because some elements of the rank and file police themselves resist the direction things are going. But I know this is wishful thinking and the less probable of the two possibilities)

I write this simply to point out that the meta-evidence, even prior to looking at the actual evidence, are the kind of facts that make me want to ask more questions in the same way that smoke makes me want to look for fire.

The Pizzagate Challenge

With that in mind, I would like to propose a game between you, the reader, and me the writer. It is not going to be a fun game, it is going to be a serious game. It will get what is known in the parlance of our times as "Real"(something I personally believe we could use a lot more of in the change you want to see right?). In fact, I challenge you, dare you even, to play it with me here in the comments. It will be a little like "The Price is Right" mini-game where you have to match the grocery store item to its price or exclude items you think you know would be outside the bounds of the possible value of the item. But in this much more serious game, I am going to post here a number of images, videos and archived links related to Oct. 2016 and Pizzagate and you are going to tell me which twelve(12) of these items you think are most likely to be False (Untrue, Disinformation, Larping, whatever).

Then I am going to attempt to prove what I can with the remaining evidence. The principle at work is Occam's Razor, of course:

At some point it becomes more unlikely for a bunch of anons from the chans, who are in every other context considered to be lazy and ignorant, to fabricate a vast trove of documentation, than it is for the narrative the vast trove supports to be True(Truth Now!)

There will also be a round 2, where if you choose something for your Fake list and I can prove it upon further examination to be actually true, you lose the game entirely.


Now the fun part. If you can convince me that without any 12 pieces of the following evidence that pizzagate is fake because I can no longer prove it, then I will ^STOP BELIEVING IT^ and drop it completely, and never ever mention it again. If, however, you cannot, then you must ^BEGIN KNOWING IT^ and accept that with every breath you take from here on out, until some element of safety is restored for the children of planet earth, that right this very second there are children in horrible circumstances being abused by powerful people who are above the law. And then take action upon that knowledge, whether to spread the word or actively begin the attempt to rescue them with whatever resources you have at your disposal.

Choose carefully. You may want to grab a pen and paper, write down the numbers 1-12 with blanks next to them that you will fill in. There is so much evidence that it is going to take you quite a while to go through. [Many images have to be links because they just won't fit in my small bandwidth limit] I have archived everything possible, although you should know that 9/10 archived links had already been archived(which is other indication of the kind of smoke that makes me curious enough to look for fire).

[note: this will also be a non-exclusive listing of evidence and of my somewhat arbitrary choosing, but there is a whole lot more out there of varying quality.]

Let's begin.

Trump and Epstein

At the center of Pizzagate are several individuals including the sitting president Donald Trump. The other key figures are Hillary Clinton, Jeffrey Epstein, James Alefantis (Rothchild) and John Podesta. There are many other minor figures like Laura Silsby, Evelyn Rothchild, Amanda Kleinman, Rachel Chandler, Tony Podesta, Anthony Weiner, Human Abedin, and the Disney corporation, but the major figures are Hillary, Epstein, Alefantis, Podesta and the President.

Trump and Epstein are good buddies who go way back.
1b trump epstein.jpg
1 trump and epstein.jpg

Consider, I've posted this before of course but it is important to see in this context:
21 epsteins house.jpg

Epstein was of course convicted of sex trafficking and the friend from his black book Alan Dershowitz got him the lightest sentence in the history of this crime. In previous days of the project known as the United States, a single incident of extramarital oral sex was enough to bring the entire federal government to a halt, but now presidents are allowed(ironically by the same voters who were aghast, simply aghast at the Monica Lewinsky and "Whitewater" scandals) to openly cavort with human traffickers and rapists. And are we to believe after the slap on the wrist Mr. Epstein got a private island so he could change his ways? Is there anyone who would even attempt to argue that?

And not just this, there is also the Trump and Epstein rape affidavit. A 13 year old aspiring model alleges she was raped at the hands of both men in succession and her lawyers were threatened with murder so the case could not be continued:

2 afidavit.jpeg

(you should definitely choose this as one of your twelve, although this would truly, truly have been an elaborate LARP)

Epstein's black book, now on the internet. Is he going to kill everyone who posts it?
[*3, 3b]
3 black book.jpg
3b holy grail black book.jpg

Pizzagate and "Fake News"

In October 2016 the term "fake news" can be proven with web search statistics to have arisen at exactly the same time as "pizzagate", a truly bizarre coincidence...if you decide to choose this as one of your 12 you will be taking a great risk of losing the entire game!
[*4]4 fake news pzzgt.png

I will repeat that no one read the leaked emails and said, 'Aha! We have proven it!' or that someone looked at the signs of Comet Ping Pong and said 'Our work here is done!' No, rather these items which get the most mass media play are simply the queues that told the real investigators, most of whom are anons out of justifiable fear, where to look further.

Which was the owner of Comet Ping Pong, James Alefantis.

James Alefantis (Rothchild)

Here are a list of allegations about James Alefantis, any one of these would count as one of your 12 picks:

14 pizzagate alefantis.png

James Alefantis' wikipedia article conveniently ignores the entire Pizzagate topic as well as the allegation that he is a Rothchild. I assume that if he were not related to the Rothchild family, that this would be addressed in the article.
This appears legitimate and I have found no sources that even attempt to debunk it.

The Investigation (justifiably) Expands It's Scope

Sharp investigators quickly examined and archived all of Mr. Alefantis's social media links and those of people associated with Comet, most of which disappeared within days.(One might ask, if they have nothing to hide why not just continue to fly their freak flag?) Consider Epstein and Bill Clinton's known associate Rachel Chandler and her instagram/etc. (I recommend choosing several of these for your 12 as they are some of the more difficult to verify) Strangely Rachel Chandler has no wikipedia article and her current whereabouts are unknown.

![17 chandler 2.jpg])

16 chandler pics.jpg

Consider Amanda Kleinman's band "Heavy Breathing" and their frequent performances at Comet. This is one of the creepiest art projects I have ever seen. Kleinman's other online materials all indicate that she has a past history of being abused herself, but that maybe she doesn't consider it abuse.

Voat's discussion on her, including her own facebrk responses which I find evasive and suspicious, but you decide if it is one of the twelve fabrications on your list.

What Pizzagate alleges is that among the most powerful people, including Trump, Clinton, Epstein and Podesta, in american society, and global society, is that there is an occult network that uses symbols to indicate through sometimes subtle and other times not so subtle ways, locations and organizations that are part of it. Consider the Arizona Marriott, the Los Angeles Sheriff's department and the famous hollywood agency Creative Artists:

19 az marriot.jpg

19b LA Sheriff.jpg

25 creative artists agency.jpg

(I don't recommend picking any of these, these are fact although I would not be surprised if the Marriot had undergone renovation)

Also part of the allegation is that the FBI routinely covers up certain reports of certain perpetrators. Consider the Larry Nassar case in regards to the US Gymnastic's team(also, don't pick this one, this is fact)(and please excuse the zhedge screenshot, I do not think this is a reputable source but when it embarrasses the United States zhedge can be credible, this is corroborated in many other places). This should help explain to the incredulous newcomer who might think something so naive is 'They would never get away with it!' 40 teenage gymnasts all reported their doctor touched them in ways they did not like and no one batted an eye for Years. (how many inappropriate touches would you or I get away with? zero.)

25 nassar.png

Another part of the Pizzagate allegation is that celebrities are involved, and that to be part of the celebrity culture, you in one way or another have to be in on it or look the other way. Consider the images of Lady Gaga, Quentin Tarantino and Anderson Cooper(here pictured with his mother as a child in her creepy bedroom)

26 lady gaga.jpg

26 vanderbilt and anderson.jpg

22 tarantino foot.jpg

(these would be relatively safe picks as they could conceivably be fabricated, but by who? for what reason? who would come up with this stuff?)

Consider the statements made by Andrew Breitbart(no hero of mine in case you are wondering) before his early death due to heart attack in which he alleges that John Podesta was involved in child abuse:

20 breitbart.jpg

(I don't recommend picking this one because it is historical fact)

Definitely one of the most disturbing Pgate images, like, these soccer moms are just thrilled to be hanging out with these guys for some reason:
Tony Podesta and James Alefantis with Hanging Golden Headless Adolescent Statue

The type of events you might encounter at comet prior to the breaking scandal
more from voat (don't pick this, it's fact)

Comet Ping Pong Basement Paintings

The shooter shows all the signs of a fake and none of the signs of the real, yet manages to take up 1/5 of the entire wikipedia page on the subject.

The comet shooting, hit computer from a pretty surprising angle or somehow intentionally:

The guy at who did it gets a secret plea deal and gives an interview that could best be summarized as 'gosh golly gee':

(NOTE: I do not implicate barack obama in pizzagate and consider any association of him with pizzagate to be disinformation or unnecessary conjecture, besides that he is associated with the democratic party and has been seen with the Pgate players)

Correct the Record/Shareblue

You need to choose this as one of your twelve, it can't be substantiated but if it's not real it's a true Pro Level Larp:
CTR/shareblue Employee Report
archive of original thread:
(note you can see all the forum sliding and obfuscation on reddit, which confirms the report in meta)

More, including documentation that cannot be faked.. These people exist and we know they were spending a lot of money paying people to call pizzagate researchers crazy:
If the anon wasn't from the inside of shareblue, the one claiming repeatedly that they are paid to troll reddit and pol calling pizzagate researchers crazy, then how did he get the dox?

The Best Infographic

Now we get to the large infographics, and I hope if you still have plenty of your 12 picks left if you have any intention of winning the challenge:
#pizzagate infographic in one picture

This image is censored from reddit for no stated reason. It is the single best summary and yet none of the information on it appears in any official debunking.

Laura Silsby/Gaynor

You are going to want to use some of your 12 on Laura Silsby, who was caught stealing 30 or so children from Haiti and has a plethora of confirmed ties to Hillary Clinton and Human Abadin
Laura Silsby's best reddit thread
This woman is now helping out with the Amber alert system, Alert Sense(what could go wrong?)
Her charges were reduced to 'arranging irregular travel' according to wikipedia (how much does that cost?)
Even NPR covered this

Monica Peterson died investigating child trafficking related to the Clinton's in Haiti which even Snopes, an otherwise committed whitewasher, finds suspicious. The Clintons are quoted as saying that even considering the idea is just 'craziness'(or is it crazy to call suspicion at this point crazy?)(or is it intelligent in a very calculated way to dismiss the entirety of this post as crazy?)

Elsagate and Nickelodeon

From a totally different angle, consider Elsagate, and this is a real rabbit hole as people have discovered strange codes in the comments and for some reason they are perfectly within the limits of gorgle's policies, even though pizzagate research such as this is not. As of this writing, this is still a matter of active research on reddit Here is another infographic, at voat they are also still investigating (another infographic)[]

To pile it on, consider how this guy operates in the open in hollywood, nothing to see here folks but feet:

SO, pick your twelve fake things and let me know what they are in comments, and see if I can piece the theory together without them. (If you are still going to try at this point though, I doubt you have been reading....but anyways...)

Question: why did I say above that this was about Pizzagate and the events of October 2016?

Because this ENTIRE thread of evidence was found due to Wikileaks release of the Hillary and Podesta emails. Yes, the ones that Russians and the CIA(and Kim Dotcom for some reason...and Zhedge and "Disobedient Media" and "Adam Carter") are eternally arguing over WHO leaked them and HOW at the expense of ANY discussion of pgate itself.

Pizzagate and the method of the leaks are also covering over the even bigger question, what happened on the day Julian Assange's internet was cut? Doesn't it seem a little odd this happened shortly after the release of the Clinton/Podesta emails which gave everyone the idea to even go looking? Maybe nothing would have been found, but tons and tons of things were found. The emails were just the clue, Julian Assange had just released them and was promising more. It was just before the election, the Clinton campaign was in a panic.

Why did Wikileaks release keys and then change its behavior after October 2016? Why was John Kerry, John Podesta and Pamela Anderson visiting London around the time the internet was cut? Why was there a strange 'terrorism' event at the airport and a rendition flight to North Carolina on the same day of the cut? Why were the r/wikileaks mods all changed out on that same day? Why did this coincide with an internet outage on the ENTIRE east coast(which I personally experienced while a sys admin at a relatively famous silicon valley company as on that same day several of our enterprise tools like Slack went mysteriously offline)? Why did this coincide with a huge mem pool spike in the bitcoin blockchain?

Are we to believe all of this was coincidence?

I did you a favor and archived the entire actual history behind all of this(again, most was already archived, but I don't think all of this exists in one place until now):

I have personally read all of this and I have looked into many, many of the reddit accounts posting on both sides of the question, and I have determined without doubt that the shilling was happening on the 'Nothing to see here' side of things. (i.e. LOLElectronics the no-reputation reddit user who was made a mod of r/wikileaks on that day and then stopped using his account after banning, flagging and deleting all of the discussion posts about the event.)

I hold and assert that there is simply, absolutely no conceivable way random people on the internet made all of this shit up or that there is no concerted, paid, well organized, secret effort, or conspiracy, to silence it.

You are faced at this point in this post of making a decision: Do you believe it more likely that a bunch of people got together on 4chan and reddit and concertedly made up a thousand pieces of evidence with images, shill posts, suggestive pictures of children, nasty disturbing art in a manner that perfectly lines up to point at Hillary Clinton a month before election day in 2016, with no funding or coordinating organization?


that Hillary Clinton, John Podesta, John Kerry, the CIA and the Equadorian Embassy decided on this day in October 2016 that, after their emails were released proving MANY, MANY of their worst deeds and completely embarrassing them, AND tipping the scales in an extremely close election that they had spent over a BILLION dollars and decades to prepare for, were the ones who decided that they would remove Julian Assange from the picture and execute a plan to replace him with a body double?

I have no doubt at this point, after over a year of research, meditation, discussion, observation and more research, that it is the latter. The former is simply impossible, and also there is no motive. Julian Assange was not a hated figure by 4chan, maybe somewhat tragicomic, but not an enemy. To think some amorphous bunch of anons would go to this length to discredit him, AND do something that would put Trump in the White House, is simply beyond belief. THAT would be a real conspiracy theory.

Believing, knowing, that Hillary and pals would do something like this is quite simply an understanding of the real workings of power in this world even if they are workings that are never, ever addressed on CNN or any other mass media (owned by the same people of course).

You have to now decide whether "the truth shall set you free..." or whether you aren't a strong enough person to face the truth because you are so afraid of evil you are going to let them rule you and take whatever they want of yours.

But as for me, you know where we stand. I refuse to be ruled by these people. I refuse to let them commit these atrocities against children and humanity itself in the luxury of my silence. I refuse to be ruled by cultists and mystery schools. I refuse to let the tradition in which I was raised, of Socrates, Plato, Galileo, Thomas Paine, Carl Sagan, Mr. Rogers, and many, many others, die while I'm still breathing.

This is, after all, what the Post Truth world is really about. Just as Odin is under threat in Neil Gaiman's American Gods, the tradition of Mr. Rogers is under threat in our world right now. The idea that moving pictures and sound will be used to guide children towards wisdom and empathy rather than be used as a tool to manipulate them into madness while they are preyed upon. The idea that politics will be about improving the world, rather than simply consolidating the sadistic powers of madmen. The idea that there will be a rule of law that applies to all people equally, rather than byzantine classes of mysterious orders that allow those at the top to have anything they want no matter how cruel or predatory.

The idea that there are principles that are worth following, not just flimsy, simple-minded credos i.e. you can and should do 'anything you can get away with' or just 'whatever thou wilt.'

And if you find yourself on the wrong side of where you want to be on this issue, I'd like to give you encouragement and hope that you can change. That it's worth changing. That doing good and helping others and standing up for truth and justice is worth doing so for its own sake. Good people aren't good because they like to win, they are good because they believe good is good.

This is my proof, it's all there for everyone to see.

This took a long time.


BONUS LINK TWO: In case you missed it in my last post, a very rare torrent of David Mamet's [RED BELT([802414711B51F7A8BE7229352DF57126ED7AF09A.torrent), (thank you too anon!) This movie is a very good exploration of what it means to have personal honor and certitude. What it means to keep your word and honor your traditions in the face of liars and mendicants. (My definition of Mendicant: people paid to lie and who only study the truth so that they can tell better lies, people who are committed to a world based on lies.(of which there are more than a few on steemit, beware. Check my mute list if you would like to see some in action.)

BONUS LINK: Michael Parenti on the way Americans are trained to have a mental disability when it comes to the conspiracies that affect them and a talk on the nature of the new "fusion centers" in the USA.

If you haven't heard these about 9/11 you should:

Who has the guts to take the challenge?

Who has the guts to help me continue my work?

bitshares: actual-mindhawk

Don't let them win. What's even worth fighting for if they win? Anything else you could fight for would just be protecting their ability to continue committing their crimes against the weak.


“what Americans consider Free Speech is a pernicious lie and that while many things may be said, there are real punishments awaiting for those who speak outside of clear ideological boundaries.”

You nailed it here

Good work and you barely scratched the surface. Maybe you should go all the way and write, and self- publish a book. No publishing house would touch it.

But then again, why risk a heart attack?

All of your comments are inane, unconstructive and vaguely threatening, I am going to mute you.

Still waiting for someone to demonstrate they have read the post and to respond in an intelligent way.

Bye forever.

This is some heavy S#!+. Thank you for sharing. I could not take your challenge, put your information in a book and sell it. I have to accept this as a pol fan fic or that its real evil. My feeling is that I dont want to live on this planet anymore.

Jeez, thanks for the challenge/journey (although I'm thinking it maybe a poisoned chalice) as a Brit I gotta be honest I haven't followed this story too closely that's not to say I wasn't aware of it. However I have recently developed a taste for looking at the '1%' and I have also known that the Clintons are evil incarnate for sometime, so you got me, however please excuse my crude responses, I've partaken of a few glasses of a very cheap red whilst trawling through this digital game of Cludeo ....and I don't have 12 but no one else seems to be playing?

  1. Trump Epstein rape
  2. Epstein black book online
  3. Pagan restaurant in Berlin - (I've many Berliner pagan friends)
  4. I cannot believe that Obama (who I truly believe is a pretty good man) does not have some knowledge of the real truth, and if so this makes him implicit in the criminal conspiracy...sorry Barack but you sold out.
  5. Correct the record/Share blue
  6. Elsa
  7. 1977 Rescuers

It's taken a couple of hours of my life, which I value highly, and wish no offence in my simple replies. Also I just couldn't zoom in enough to some of the infographics attached so I was unable to understand them.

Finally I couldn't agree more with your option of;

"that Hillary Clinton, John Podesta, John Kerry, the CIA and the Equadorian Embassy decided on this day in October 2016 that, after their emails were released proving MANY, MANY of their worst deeds and completely embarrassing them, AND tipping the scales in an extremely close election that they had spent over a BILLION dollars and decades to prepare for, were the ones who decided that they would remove Julian Assange from the picture and execute a plan to replace him with a body double? "

Until I read the Julian Assange body double whammy, and now I think you've had more cheap red than me!!

Be happy & smile often my friend :)

On a side note I learnt a new word 'Medicant' muchas grassy ass ;)

Due to the incoherence of your comment I am going to have to mute you.

I am not certain Julian Assange is a body double, there could be other ways he is comprimised, but if I were a leaker I would not send it to wikileaks. I wish Julian Assange would end wikileaks and let other more competent organizations operate leak websites. There is clearly no need for there to be a centralized leak agency.

This post is a challenge, but it is not a game as child abuse is not a game.

So bye, I will continue to look for people on steemit who are capabable of independant thought.

Challenge - noun

  1. A call or summons to engage in any game, contest, as of skill, strength, etc

I never said nor suggested child abuse is a game, you have no idea who I am, this was a low shot and unnecessary. I engaged in your challenge as per your invitation, and was thoroughly engrossed with your narrative, and I thought I was gracious in my reply. I do not apologise for any offence caused, for I caused none, try to be happy & smile often my friend :)

I am still reading, and since on Steemit we have options I would like to ask questions as I go along. I hope you don’t mind. Upvoted for the fact that you broached the subject. Most are too afraid to dig into this because they don’t want to know “how far the rabbit hole goes”. Congratulations for taking the red pil.
You claim “JFK assasination and 9/11, and I hold and assert Pizzagate is more significant than both.
Maybe in what itself represents. What is the unit of measure for significance?
If the unit of measure is impact on the people’s minds and hearts, it got nowhere.

The disinformation campaign against it was just as large as 9/11 yet it was only email leaks.

9/11 and the JFK assasination(the october surprise, the iran contra scandal, cia dealing crack and heroin since forever) primarily, but other scandals also, imply that behind the scenes there is a secret network of people whose objectives are vastly different from common people.

There have been dozens of glimpses into this, the franklin savings and loan scandal, jimmy saville, the vast numbers of american military and politicians who have been caught out on sexual scandals with minors and the many coverups(ie larry nassar was allowed by the FBI to continue for a few years, and he didn't even have a medical license in texas)

Pizzagate is the goods on what they are really about, that the secret parties and the child trafficking through orphanages actually happens. That it isn't just about making shit up to start wars and rig banking numbers, that they are really doing the Eyes Wide Shut stuff behind closed doors. That they really have a cult and they take it very seriously.

Jeffrey Epstein, Laura Silsby, Andersen Cooper's mom's bedroom, how much more evidence do you need that everything we consider government is a sham and that these people run the world like a satanic church?

9/11 and JFK's assassination show they make behind the scenes deals that subvert the government, Pizzagate is our first look into what those scenes look like. And it is really disgusting, disturbing and frightening.

All the police in the world have to think, while they are at truck stops busting johns for soliciting prostitutes, that they are intentionally being misdirected from their superiors, who traffic in the abuse of minors with impunity.