Anyone know what happened to #pizzagate on YouTube ?

in #pizzagate4 years ago (edited)


Anyone know the guy? He posted some heavy info regarding the state of the world in which we all live. His CIA/playboy mansion vid was one the best.

No posts on his channel for a while and I’m just wondering what’s up.


perhaps he was the one who popped off in the pizza shop?

Nope Robert. That wasn’t him.

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I was wondering the same thing. I would always get notifications from him but its been really dead lately.

Yes.everyone try to post of current issue


Hey, I am posting this for all pizzagate folks, I am blogging a privacy workshop, #2 is just out and I think you'll like it and it may help you convince some people if you resteem, repost etc.

Check out #1 to, all comments welcome, all suggestions welcome.


Hef took the reins from Bob Hope. He is related to the Bush family.


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