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RE: PIZZAGATE | NEW TUNNEL DISCOVERY. Connects At Least 4 Of Alefantis's Properties

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Your post is beautiful and historically interesting, but most of the references for the addresses you share ain't worth much. Radaris, for example, is not a viable source of information. You are not using the proper ressource to find the actual owner of the properties you put out. Use the following public web site (like I did a while back to verify the claims of Yoichi Shimatsu) and you'll see there is no correspondence between what the private web sites tell (might be a collection of all the adresses Alefantis ever lived at, liked someone suggested was the case for him in a Radaris review) and the official names of the proprietors.

Let's take the first address:
3334 N ST NW; WASHINGTON DC 20007 is owned by a guy name William B. Broydrick


Prove to me Alefantis had no part in any of these tunnel properties and I will stop tweeting.

I never cared for Twitter because I don't know how to truly express myself under 140 characters. Plus, your own tweets are none of my business. And, I can't proove anything of that sort.

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