The Entire Jimmy Comet Instagram archive + their friends

in pizzagate •  3 years ago  (edited)

There have been 3,110 views of this post since posted 2 weeks ago.

Someone asked me for the source of the Baby & whatwhatinyourButt instagram post so I went hunting for the whole archive.

This is an archive of the most striking posts. It was saved by the Reddit people.

Archive of ALL the posts saved by Reddit /4chan researchers (750mb) Archived 11.13.16:

[Note]: on Mrsoliar's instagram post above she mentions Rachel Chandler. This witch was one of Jeffrey Epstein's sex slaves & was photographed with Bill Clinton in her teens. She nowadays appears to act as a child finder for Epstein, along with her very creepy evil-looking boyfriend.

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  ·  3 years ago (edited)

The Jimmy Comet Instagram archive link is expired. Did you download the archive? If so, I'm hoping you can upload somewhere so I can download.

Oh, how creepy. I can guarantee the people at Voat have archived it and that someone I prefer not to name on Steemit has archived it too.

I just realised there have been three thousand and thirty eight views of this post!

No wonder they removed the link.