Marina Abramovic - Human Cake - WARNING it's monstrous

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The question we struggle with is:

How the hell did these people became such Monsters?


I really don't know what to say. The entire time I spent watching this video, I had to remind myself it is only cake. However, it was cake decorated like a naked woman and people were eating it. This was very creepy to say the least. Thank you for sharing.

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Thanks. Have joined the Trail channel.

None of us would have cared what these people did in their sick lives if they hadn't harmed kids. Now we're kind of forced to semi-study what they're into and it's like forcing ourselves to look at monsters. We'll be ok, but we're like shocked tourists and we'll never be the same.

It literally Blows my mind, but somehow the love has been distorted and drained from these people. The dark secret societies have been proliferating these behaviours for many many years. If we are reprogrammed into a satanic program then we are easier to control and their agenda is played out with a greater of ease. It is also how the powers that shouldn't be blackmail others to do their biding when they have some pictures or videos of them doing these monstrous acts to others. Not all of those who will be implicated are on the same level, some will jump the preverbal ship as soon as they can do so safely without being hunted and killed. Like a dog with a bone we won't let this go but we will spread the news until they are all washed up and we can reprogram them if possible....

Sure but can good souls become evil? Or were they born that way? The ancient and wise Greeks believed babies arrive with a fully formed soul code (they called it the "eikorn"). See The Soul's Code. Great book.

honestly I am not completely sure what the souls agenda is or how it becomes corrupted. But there is also a theory that all souls are from source with is love. I certainly am not an expert on understanding the soul or the whole truth about this whole game we call life and the rules of it yet. Even though I have been researching down the rabbit hole for many many years I feel like a baby in the understanding of it all. thanks for the recommendation of the book

fascinating book. The author, James Hillman, used tons of research.

His conclusion is that we come in with destiny mapped eg to be good or evil. He studied the childhoods of famous people from politicians, psychos, writers, artists, musicians etc and found no link between parental guidance or parental abuse and what they did in life. Kind of like when Bundy said he had great parents...

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