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Hi from Germany,

I usually write in German about #pizzagate as the (social) media blackout is even worse over here than in the USA

I'm researching #pizzagate for more than 10 days now. I keep going down deeper down the rabbithole. I'm agnostic, libertarian, non-partisan, rational, sceptic but also educated in classic philosophy, ancient greek and latin. 

And despite all of that, I now consider it to be an actual possibility that a ring of elite paedophile Satan worshippers is threatening your country and thus the world. 

I've been researching so called conspiracy theories for over 20 years, always trying to be able to distinguish the true from the false ones. Through a series of coincidences related to Steemit and the different people I met in here, I started to research "Satanism" and the "Occult" about a month ago through a guy called Mark Passio, an ex Satanist himself. He happened to explain a lot of things I had learned during my life (I'm 40) through different paths, but from a completely different angle. He said that all of the things he was telling about actually are  basically "the Occult". To me the positive side of what he teaches on Natural Law, like balancing your left and right brain aspects, was familiar knowledge, not something secret some satanist freaks use to controll the minds of normal everyday sane people

But apparently they do and I just happen to be rather immune to the divide and conquer game plus I had a mentor who told me a lot of this stuff. 

To me the hints that you #pizzagate researchers are on to something BIG are more than real. 

And I am still pretty confident, than I am not crazy, but I might be wrong.

Please don't get sidetracked and stay open for every trail, even if it harms your current political or alt-news idol

We are in this for the children, not for our Egos.

And for the Truth, so if we are wrong, we won't let "confirmation bias" derail us.  

But on the other hand neither "gaslighting" nor "stockholm syndrome" will silence us.

I salute you, my American friends. 

If there is a people on Earth that can win this Fight, it's you folks.


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fabio, you say Germany has worse censorship then the the US, I agree. This evil that is embedded in American politics is not unique to Yanks, but all over Europe and more.
Ask yourself how many Child abduction cases have happened locally. Then verify that those children are in the national reports.
Better yet, try to find the recovery rates. That is more than just police incompetence, but collusion.

There is not one group of pedophile, children murdering occultists. There is at least one in every large city. In DC there are probably several. Look into the rates and locations of kidnappings.

Everything you have been told about kidnappings is false. All those TV shows and movies, completely made up. Ransoming a child is pretty fricken hard. Think about it, you need to know the child and the parents. You need to know the parents have money and will cave to demands. You then have to kidnap a kid, sit on him/her, and then place the demands, then get the money and escape. Almost impossible. A lot of work, and if you are caught in any part of it, the police are likely to use excessive force.

The other reason for missing children is the non-custodial parent, after a divorce, takes off with the kid.

Finding out numbers on missing kids is practically impossible. Of all the statistics govern-cements keep, missing children and recovery are really not tracked very well.

So, there are lots of missing kids. And there are lots of kids that are purchased from poor people in poor countries. This is not one little isolated incidence. And for the children, unless it is actually the kid of someone important, this ends in death.

Check out some of David Icke's works. He often has a part where he discusses missing children numbers.

Thanks a lot. I can agree with all of your thoughts.
The most imporant seems to me this one:
"We are in this for the children, not for our Egos."

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