A review of Senate Anon's 4chan posts on 9/11/2017

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For those of who you don't know, an allegedly high level staff member of a US Senator took to 4chan's /pol/ board on 9/11/2017 to answer questions and share information they were privy (but not too privy) to.

The archived threads:

Part 1: https://archive.fo/eOLHb

Part 2: https://archive.fo/w74Qg

Part 3: https://archive.fo/jx3L0

Part 4: https://archive.fo/XYjw2

What was learned: 

> Above the pedophiles are their handlers, which are people much more powerful who are in charge of blackmail rings that keep the pedophiles away from prosecution. Senate Anon asserts that bringing them down will cause the entire thing to crumble with them ("The cavalry ain't comin' until the blackmail rings are eliminated")

> Mike Pence runs a pedophilia ring in his hometown of Indiana, and Indiana State Police are heavily involved. Senate Anon mentions a man named Tory Smith who claims he was raped by Pence multiple times and reveals more information about the ring on his YouTube channel (https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC2rm3zZK_uA4aSzV2gHysGw) but is now dead, presumably because of what he was exposing

> Everyone in Trump's cabinet (minus Ben Carson), as well as the White House, is a traitor and working against him. He is boxed in, has no allies, and desperately needs our help.

> Mike Pence has discussed impeaching Trump with his handlers, and talks of assassination were also had
> Confirms the US created ISIS

> 1/3 of Congress rapes kids. Most of the rest are blackmailed some other  way. Orgies, gay orgies (Rubio, McConnell), selling us out to the  Vietnamese (McCain), etc.

> If Trump fires his whole staff and replaces it with red-blooded  nationalists, the cucks can take the whole country down. We are totally  dependent on things like CIA drug-running to pay our bills. Trump is trying to hang on, get tax reform, and grow the economy enough that he'll be able to drain the swamp when he's not running massive deficits.

> Obama was CIA, and funded ISIS on purpose. They wanted to run a pipeline through Syria. Arab Spring was all CIA

> Steve Bannon was forced to leave the White House because there was blackmail on him. Bannon is on the Council for National Policy, the most important group  of non-cucked conservatives. He could have easily hung on to power, except someone had dirt. They wanted him out of the way so Trump would  be forced to accept Pence's plan at the Camp David meeting to reinforce Afghanistan to preserve the CIA's poppy supply.

> The globalists want to eventually crash the economy, buy up assets cheap, dump the dollar, and head to China with the loot

> The federal budget relies on CIA drug-dealing. That's where the bailout  money came from. If Trump drains the swamp while he's running huge  deficits, it's over.

> Everyone freaked out about pizzagate. You guys backed off too soon, and  stayed too geographically isolated. This goes on everywhere. You can  take them down and they know it.

> Soros wants you to form right-wing death squads and fight Antifa, so you don't fight him. Hence their funding.

> City of London is the co-headquarters of the swamp, along with New York

> Every single Republican in the Senate is blackmailed. Paul  Ryan only got his spot because he's a freemason. He is genuinely too  stupid to fix obamacare, and he won't even listen to the think tanks  that are trying to feed him good ideas, like making the system more  efficient

> Rand Paul is smart but blackmailed. He did something at a frat party in college that they are using against him.

> Pedophilia is blackmail material. But some of these people really enjoy it. David Rockefeller and Bush Sr., for example.

> They only fund people that are blackmailed in the primaries, so you end up with two controlled stooges going for the seat

> Ben Shapiro's rampant bashing of Trump is due to the fact that he is blackmailed

> The real power in DC is divided into CFR  vs. CNP. Bannon is CNP, and a real nationalist. Cucks and Democrats are  CFR. The real power to make policy in DC comes from policy groups and  think tanks.

> Abraham Lincoln was assassinated because he tried to give the public control of the money press.

> The elites like to revel in their perversions together. They see it as a privilege. It's  not all kids. The majority is adults. And sometimes they get drugged,  or tricked into fucking a 17 year old. Sometimes the NSA just finds  something from their past. I think you could say all of them are  Satanists, although they might not call it that. Kids are usually held  at special locations like Epstein's island, occasionally held at their  home. Hookers happen in hotels and houses mostly, but sometimes lodges. 

> Hillary got crushed in states where there's a paper trail. Obama  won Ohio, then there was like a 15 point swing to Trump due to  paper ballots.

> Soros is a couple steps down from the top. Rothschild and Rockefeller  are some of the biggest names (although Rockefeller died, so they're  falling off). Robert Mercer and Sheldon Adelson are some of the bigggest  funders for Republicans.

> Gorsuch is dirty. They're all dirty, Scalia was dirty, but he was  thinking about taking the fall and blowing the lid off the job they did  on Roberts on the Obamacare decision.

> Bernie Sanders is the only Senator that is clean and legitimate; they threatened to kill him, and offered to buy him a house to endorse Hillary. That's why he cried so hard at the convention, because he knew it was all a sham.

> Los Angeles has a huge problem with masons in the police. Masons are the biggest group compromising local police.

> Hillary could bring down half of Washington with the dirt she has

> Ted Cruz's family is CIA, and he regularly runs around on his wife.

> Sheldon Adelson is one of the biggest donors out there, and he runs CIA blackmail ops.

> Alex Jones's family is deep in Freemasonry, and he was originally an outright CIA op, but now he's trying his best to get the word out. He  just can't say anything. Every once in awhile he blurts out real red  pills about historical stuff, but is told to shut things down from time to time. Sandy Hook is a good example. Bill Cooper exposed him. Now he's limited and addicted to the money and fame.

> None of the blackmailers are in the public eye.

> There's literally no public group that isn't subverted.

> Art=bribes

> Confirms Al Qaeda was CIA

> Elizabeth Warren is dirty (obviously), and is sort of the Bernie candidate for  2020. They may have to go with Tulsi Gabbard (also dirty) if things get  bad. Tulsi is CFR and grew up in a weird cult that might be running blackmail.

> There's a lot of people in the military secretly working for Trump, but they're mostly concerned about security contingencies.

> They've slowed down on false flags lately. They're afraid you'll realize  terrorism is fake, or realize how easy it would be to turn terrorism  against them.

> The Rothschild family is even higher than the blackmail handlers. They employ the handlers. The top of the pyramid.

> The CIA created the heroin epidemic

> Jeff Sessions is pro-Trump, but blackmailed

> Obama created ISIS, Flynn exposed it, Trump shut it down. He bombed an empty air strip and warned them ahead of time.

> Mueller is one of the dirtiest people in DC.

> The spooks hated Hillary. She kept selling secrets to the Chinese, for decades.

> Claims Andrew Anglin of The Daily Stormer is a pedophile and has had sex with underage asians and blacks. He's controlled opposition.

> Confirms Seth Rich was a hit

> CIA is very active in Europe. Operation Gladio.

> There isn't one overall group that controls everything. It's a way to trick you into calling them  the wrong name. CFR is real and can be investigated and exposed.

> The Queen is as important as the Rothschilds. The Royal Family created  environmentalism, runs the finances of all the royalty of Europe, and  operates blackmail rings.

> McMaster is a bigger leaker than Priebus

> Jared Kushner is a mason. That's why he got catapulted up.

> Brexit is about letting the bankers crash Europe and keep London.

Lots to digest here, even for me. People on Voat have already been connecting some dots laid out by Senate Anon's revelations, and there will be more to come. Spread this far and wide so we can get the ball rolling to rid our governments of this shit & make a difference in this dying, backwards world.


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