Mainstream Corporate news covering Pizzagate for first time

in pizzagate •  3 years ago 
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  ·  3 years ago (edited)

Cathy I was on your blog and saw the Groucho Club post. I can provide some info for you from personal knowledge. Groucho manager gave me 2 tickets to a Bruce Weber "movie". Friend and I walked out. "Movie" was little boys filmed from waist down. No faces. Just little boys in shorts. The entire film was that. We left after 45 mins because it never changed. The who's who of London was there because Bruce Weber is a huge celeb photographer - does all the Armani, Calvin Klein ads etc

We went to the afterparty and were first to arrive because we'd walked out of the screening. Weber himself was there to welcome us and asked what we thought of the movie. Not knowing who he was at the time, we told him it was terrible. The look on his face... we realized he was THE guy.

This was years ago. We were very young and clueless.

Weber is a member of groucho.

Very interesting gizmosia, thanks. I have copied your comment onto the comments on the article I have not heard about Weber, I will look him up. You dont remember the name of the movie?

Ew, just read further down in that Guardian article link I sent you about him.
"Sometimes now, when I am photographing young people, and I'm with a whole group of perfect bodies, it seems to me they have no fantasy life at all; perhaps that's the payoff.' "

Groucho has a London and New York presence. He was in London showing off his "art"