The Vatican Has Paid Almost $4 Billion to Settle Child Molestation Lawsuits

in pizzagate •  last year

You can’t put a price on how much damage the Catholic Church’s sex abuse scandals have done to the victims. But you sure as hell can count how much the Church has paid out as a result of those lawsuits.

The Catholic Church of DC dominates the skyline. The Pope stood at the podium at the House. All roads lead to Rome.

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Thanks for the link. There are numerous crimes committed by clergy of the church, well publicized cases. However, when it happens in DC and by elites, it's just so unbelievable. The media has most fooled, and people forget these are crimes alleged against children that for some reason do not warrant any kind of investigation. Crazy world we live in.

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Well, hope those billions were worth it instead of taking down the Vatican... sigh.

Thesis : a sex cult runs the world and uses blackmail as the glue to keep things together

The pizzagate stuff would align with this. Various techs like dating sites / social media / NSA data snarfing are ripe for mining sex-related data. The design of laws in the west has created a legal framework that prevents stopping elite abuse, and enables it. Feminism, as a general movement, has also been an agent for perpetuating abusive laws that would allow false claims to be taken as truth. Yet another weapon in the "sex blackmail" domain. It would appear, that all around us are the designs and machinations of a group that uses sex-related blackmail to further their power agenda. And, opposite of the general perception of power, it would seem to put women in the driver seat.


My thoughts? It's their command & control structure. Here are a bunch of things I've compiled.

Pedophiles/satanists can be controlled by blackmail. Get each of your minions on video raping and/or murdering a child, and it ensures that when you give an order, it will be carried out... OR ELSE.

As a prerequisite initiation, it ensures your minions have no moral quams about carrying out your orders. Kill a family? No problem. Start a war? You got it, boss.

As an initiation, it ensures that no Good Guys will infiltrate your ranks and expose or disrupt the operation.

It's a major perk for evil pedophile satanists. Just do what you're told, and you can rape, torture, and kill all the kiddies you want with zero repercussions. These sociopaths lust for nothing more than power. What is a greater expression of complete domination of another than rape, torture, and murder... of a child?

It's so over-the-top evil that even if it's exposed, nobody in the mainstream will believe it. You might as well try to tell people that zombie dolphins from the planet Zoltar have infiltrated the government.

Kills compassion for their fellow humans. If the rapist/torturer had some spark of goodness that might hold them back from executing tasks that most would consider to be pure evil, these rituals help destroy it.

This sounds pretty out there, but folks such as Max Spiers, David Wilcock, and David Icke talk about interdimensional entities feeding on "loosh" or negative energy during these sessions. edit: I added this because I keep seeing it come up. Maybe complete bullshit disinfo, or maybe the most important item here. I have no direct experience in this area.

Good article on the topic:



Great post. Everything you say above is true but add Child Protection Services to the pedophile strategy.

CPS are paid to take kids away from families and give to foster parents who abuse them. I think Clinton passed the laws enabling this disgrace & Nancy Schaefer & her husband were killed after she spoke out about it.

In latin american countries is where things get pretty ugly, there pervs have full access to little girls; because of the dependency that people have in religion.