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RE: Pizzagate is directly connected to the Hampstead case via the children's father

in #pizzagate7 years ago

When the Beeb interviewed the 'distraught' father (he is an actor is he not?) that was confirmation for me as to the veracity of the children's testimonial interviews along with their mum's and her boyfriend. Rather akin to the New York Times writing the damage control hit piece about 'right alt fake news' falsely creating #Pizzagate. You know you're on target when the usual suspect state controlled pundits pump out the propaganda. Thank you for posting this.


Indeed. Also, the Hampstead Research blog was hacked. The owner claimed she was warned in advance by "the (alleged) cult" - and apparently the Satanists always warn you before they take these actions (ref previous assassin Chip Tatum). It's about karma. Interesting to note the Hampstead blogs that were NOT hacked or taken down - the one by that Anon woman who screamed outside the church is still going, also Sabine McNeill's and Dearman Does Hampstead (the one that never investigated anything but the trolls). This is not to distract from Pizzagate - that is the main focus here, but it is illustrative of the level of infiltration, trolling and infowarring that happens when the pedo sadists need to cover their tracks. Yet again.

Lol, that's funny, you say "the owner claimed" in third person, while it was YOUR info gathering blog Hampstead Research,. "Jacqui Farmer"/"Charlotte Ward"/"GumpGump" and now "Justout".
You're trying to discredit the whole Hampstead case by saying the mother, Ella, was in the cult too. You trash the other case supporters and their blogs to discredit the case. Which side do you work for?

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