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Following a conversation in the Truth Channel on PAL (, with
@r0nd0n and @v4vapid, I have decided to do a post on Adrenochrome. And the importance of this substance, past and present and the importance of its use to these pedocriminals.



Whether human or animal, Blood Sacrifice has been around for a VERY LONG TIME. From the Egyptians to the Zulu in Africa, From the Aztecs to the Brits.....almost all civilisations have taken a part in these rituals.


Why the necessity to take another living, being's life, for any form of benefit?
Some were said to be performed to 'ensure' a good harvest.....or gain some type of favour from the populaces chosen deity. However, there may be a bigger reason we see this throughout our ancient and modern day world's alike....




Scientifically, this chemical is made when our bodies adrenaline (epinephrine) oxidises.
Basically, when the potential victim is terrorized, more adrenaline is being pumped into they're blood.
They are then killed at the peak of their terror and the blood drank, in a ritualistic manner.

There are also rumours around that it can be extracted through a needle to the base of the neck/Spinal column.

There has been links between Adrenochrome and Schitzophrenia


Did you know that Al Gore (Former Vice President of the USA) was once, allegedly, caught with a suitcase of blood whilst transferring through an airport?

I personally haven't been able to source a firm source on this, however, it was in the early 90's before archiving etc was actually a thing......... Fritz Springmeirer reports this incident as does Bill Schnoebelen.

There are no firm sources on whether Adrenochrome is ACTUALLY psychoactive, as I have found a mixture of reports....The most common one is that it can ENHANCE other dugs that one may have consumed. There are also rumours that it may have euphoric properties.

There are a couple interesting links throughout history when we stop to think about this.

How about vampires?
What about the all-sought 'life-force' that is the base for more than a few stories littered throughout time?



The most infamous mention of Adrenochrome in everyday zombie zone, is from a movie;

"Adrenochrome,” he said. “You won’t need much. Just a tiny taste.”
I got the bottle and dipped the head of a paper match into it.
“That’s about right,” he said. “That stuff makes pure mescaline seem like ginger beer. You’ll go completely crazy if u take > too much.”
“Jesus! What kind of monster client have you picked up this time? There’s only one source for this stuff….”
He nodded.
“The adrenaline glands from a living human body,” I said. “It’s no good if you get it out of a corpse.”
-Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas.



"Dremcrom" is one of several substances mentioned in the beginning of Stanley Kubrik's, A Clockwork Orange. Again, If this does not ring bells--------->Please look into the occult symbolism behind this movie. It certainly isn't boring. Here is a great LINK to start with.



Another interesting connection is to that of Aldous Huxley.

He talks about Adrenochrome in his book, The Doors of Perception.

If you are unsure of who Aldous Huxley is, Please do yourself a favour and research this guy too. This LINK is a great place to start. He is directly linked to Aleister Crowley, and there has always been a debate whether George Orwell's vision in his book, 1984 was more so accurate than Huxley's book, Brave New World.


(Please note the one eye symbolism)

The late California-based author - who had coincidentally taught Orwell more than three decades earlier - went on to focus on the differences between Orwell's vision and that revealed in his own masterpiece.

'My own belief is that the ruling oligarchy will find less arduous and wasteful ways of governing and of satisfying its lust for power, and these ways will resemble those which I described in Brave New World'

-Aldous Huxley, from a personal letter to Orwell

Aldous Huxley, on the 30th anniversary of his own seminal 1931 allegorical novel Brave New World, made the following dreadful observations in the very opening segment of his talk on the Ultimate Revolution upon which mankind and modernity are perilously perched:

‘You can do everything with bayonets except sit on them! If you are going to control any population for any length of time you must have some measure of consent. It’s exceedingly difficult to see how pure terrorism can function indefinitely. It can function for a fairly long time, but I think sooner or later you have to bring in an element of persuasion. An element of getting people to consent to what is happening to them.
Well, it seems to me that the nature of the Ultimate Revolution with which we are now faced is precisely this: that we are in process of developing a whole series of techniques which will enable the controlling oligarchy who have always existed and presumably always will exist, to get people actually to love their servitude! This is the, it seems to me the ultimate in malevolent revolution shall we say.’
— Aldous Huxley, 1962 speech at UC Berkeley

For those who aren't familiar with the differences between the 2 books; His novel Brave New World, published 17 years before Orwell's, had foreseen a society characterised by medicated contentment, a widely accepted, eugenics-supported caste system, and a government-enforced obsession with consumerism.

But Orwell's novel presented a nightmarish vision and gave birth to the phrases 'Big Brother', 'thought crime' and 'double think', all now commonly used to describe increasing state control.

Huxley also has links to Tavistock, which in turn is linked to the psychedelic drug use, CIA and the MK Ultra programs associated with both Tavistock and the sexual revolution.
Tavistock was also funded by the Rockefeller Foundation, coincidence?



Sacrifice is the offering of a food, objects or lives to or for a purpose.

Like I mentioned before, you can trace this practise throughout history. HUMAN sacrifice was also practised by many ancient cultures across continents.
Christianity depicts Jesus sacrificed himself for our sins,
Catholic Mass? Is viewed as sacrifice.
Hinduism sees that you offer something to Devas, daily. (Although animal sacrifices are more rare in this culture)
Islam calls for animal sacrifice...
Judaism practised/practises blood sacrifices..
Satanists call for all manner of sacrifice...

Sacrifice is so closely tied to religion-It is actually abhorrent, to some degree, IMHO. I don't see a loving, caring Creator, demanding we kill his creation? Do You?

Is Pizzagate/Pedogate really all about sex with children?

Adrenochrome, which, stated by Hunter S. Thompson, is harvested from the pineal gland from humans. He reported on this drug many times throughout his career, including the above mentioned movie, Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas.

Fiona Barnett, a survivor of satanic ritual abuse, reports that the sacrifices were to extract this chemical too.

(Shout out to @an0nkn0wledge for reminding me of her reports)

The trafficking and use of this drug could seriously account for many things we discovered throughout this whole entire Pizzagate/Pedogate investigation, that have seemed connected but ....distantly...Here are a few theories of mine:

  • The Headless art statues littered throughout all of these people's homes and businesses etc

  • Podesta's Art statue-Arc of hysteria (could represent the harvesting of this drug. The victim is tortured and head removed at the peak of extreme hysteria, during which, the body uncontrollably 'arcs' into this position. This also relates back to Jeffrey Dahmer, as it is widely known that he kept the heads and dissolved the bodies..Also the drilling into the heads of his victims...)
    Hunter S. Thompson mentioned somewhere that He had attended a 'party' at which, holes were drilled into victims heads and the blood sucked from them, with straws. How pleasant.

This explains a few different mysterious aspects of the case that have yet to be explained however!
Like the art, money, dental chairs, pig farm and shitty ass taste in music.
Also the belief that Hillary Clinton shows signs of Kuru, which is caused by consuming the brain tissue of another human being.

Now don't get me wrong...I do not think this is the only goal here. I think this is one of the fuels to the fire.



pyramid of power IMHO.gif

In my opinion, and through years of research into this and surrounding subjects, This pyramid is the simplest way to put the power play into a picture. The reason this whole thing has been covered up and is still trying desperately to be covered up is because;
We, the people, are identifying the Strings ----->and cutting the ties with these evil influences.

Here are a few good videos and links about Adrenochrome and/or Ritual sacrifice

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    Enjoy, is a loose term in conjunction with the subject matter I have touched on here....Dont enjoy--->Learn. If we have any hope in stopping this insanity, we all need to have as much truth as we can, to use as our armour against these evil principalities.

    I love and appreciate every, single, one of you <3
    Thank you for taking the time to stop by <3


    SteemOn and BeBrave <3


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