Pizza, Politicians and Pedophiles

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I find it interesting Terry Bean was charged with two counts of sodomy in the third degree a felony and sexual abuse in the third degree, a misdemeanour on a 15yr old boy.

I also find it interesting that Jeffrey Epstein is a convicted sex offender for soliciting under age girls for prostitution which he served 13 months in prison (plus a string of other disturbing information you can find easily on the Internet). He is very involved with Hillary Clinton, Trump and John Podesta.

ALL of these politicians have visited Mr. Epsteins "Sex Slave Island" and have taken private flights together.

Terry is known as a "bundler" for Barak and Hillary.
(They not only donate money to a politician but they also collect and bundle donations from "other sources" in order to donate one large sum of money to the candidate) he also held fundraisers for both Barak and Bill Clinton to add.

Do you know how much $ is generated from child porn?

Project Spade up in Canada, estimated that Brian Way was making more than 4mill from his website. They seized up to 45terabytes of images and videos which involved 350 people internationally that were arrested in over 50 different countries and 386 children were "rescued".

I don't believe for a second all those children were rescued.
I'm a registered Indian. I know what the people who work for system do to children. There is an inner circle and an outer circle and the outer circle is not aware of the inner circles existence. This is the dark occult and this is how they operate. Know your enemy.

My grandmother is a residential school survivor. So don't even start if you haven't researched into foster care systems and how they're DESIGNED to put children right into the hand of the pedophiles of the elite. They fucking steal children. Where do you think all these stolen Indian children from Canada go that are never found? The #MMIW ? It all adds up.

They get sold into the sex slavery trade.
They've been stealing children since they reached this continent, hundreds of years ago. This is nothing new.

Wake up.

#PizzaGate #SpiritCooking is fucking real #ProjectSpade shows you how these things network. If Brian Way generated 4 mill its easy to see that Comet Ping Pong would rake in the dough.

Our world is controlled by a bunch of sick psychopaths that rape and molest children, they perform ritual sacrifices, they create wars, they enslave us, they poison us, they drain us of our energy. And they've been working at this for thousands of years, there is nothing new under the sun.
Wake up, please, wake up.

This is why I fight against the "Government" every single day and I speak the truth and speak out against it, because I have to. I can not sit silent after the research I have been doing over the years. It all leads to the same path.

You're an absolute fucking moron if you don't think that these "governments" (disgusting vile creatures that make up a group of blood sucking psychopaths that want to enslave every human being on this planet) aren't involved in sick shit like this because I'm telling you, THEY ARE.

Many say with anarchy we would all be killing and eating each other.


And here the anarchists are screaming out against this fucking madness this needs to stop.

We expose this evil and tell you the absolute truth yet we are ridiculed for it.

It starts and ends with me, you, him, her, all of us each individual needs to wake up.

Trump, Hillary, Obama, doesn't matter what flavour of slave master you choose. They're all connected puppets putting on a show for the dark occultists that are really pulling the strings and they are all fucking sick in the the head.

Can't you see? It's like the movies? Exactly like the movies. Hollywood. Do you know what Hollywood IS? Welcome to the matrix buddy. It's time to fucking unplug.

Further reading / info /
I mean you can easily research all this stuff for yourself, I'll link a few pages.


Very good post @anarchobabe. I find all of this very disturbing to say the least. We cant allow this evil to continue going unnoticed. We will continue to bring this out into the open. Thank you

We started PizzaGate-Trail to attract others from social media outlets that have been censored, and give a place for discussion. Right now, we are organizing to get out to those outlets and bring in those displaced by censorship. You can join us there and place your posts for curation there as well. This will be an interesting week for sure.

I recommend LOCAL Law Enforcement do their jobs rather than waiting around with their tallywhackers in their hands expecting orders from up above. This is shear insanity when the perpetrators have exposed themselves with their own twisted Tweets no less...

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Well stated. Im glad you are here to tell the story. :)

I am crazy busy right now with you know what coming right on time, that I have nothing to say except that I am posting and upvoting every single post in this category I can until it gets "accidentally erased"

First #pizzagate article that actually screenshot the wikileaks mails, and show the different email IDs. Would be nice to have a map of the main emails for them.

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