Miley Cyrus and Pizzagate- Now that you know the context her obession with pizza is really pretty sick. (Content is current news and the topic is racy, but the post is not intended to be pornographic).

in #pizzagate7 years ago

So, Pizzagate is all over the alternative media these days.  Our own steemit community is helping to out all the people involved.  It's a giant sex trafficking ring that's international in scope and seems to be at least in part run by the Clintons and has likely been frequented by Obama and his donors.  A primary source of data was the Podesta emails and they had a ton of code in them for selling kids for sex and probably human sacrifice and cannibalism.  Just another day mid-apocalypse (which means great unveiling).  Maybe one day this world will be a better place.

Anyway, I've used Miley as the "butt" of a lot of jokes in my life.  My wife can't stand her and I like to make twerking references at times my wife is irking me.  She has a thing for David Beckham.  I counter with Miley, not cause I'm a fan, but whatever.. So, Miley has been on my mind for a while now and I've noticed that she's gone from childhood sweetheart to raging sex kitten.

  So, upon reflection of this and mild investigation it looked as though there was likely some Hollywood Pedo shit in her past, and that made me think she might be a candidate for this pizzagate thing.  So, I go and look up Miley Cyrus and Pizza and woah... just woah.

There's hundreds of these.  Maybe the girl that's allegedly lactose intolerant really just likes Pizza themed stuff, or, now hear me out here, the girl that publicly displays heavy sexuality in public including letting fans touch her genitals at her shows,

and all the other weird shit she's been doing on stage is really the victim of a sexually abusive cult, and it's part of the international sex trafficking, satanism, and cannibalism that's being exposed in London, DC, and Australia.

Other than that and the Federal Reserve and stuff this planet is awesome.


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Miley Cyrus said if Trump was elected Prez she would leave the country, so I think we should hold her to it and make her leave.

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