The Pizza Challenge!

in pizzachallenge •  last year

Take the pizza challenge with me. Post your pics, (and or videos) and recipe. Use hashtag #PizzaChallenge and then tag me in a comment.


Let's have some fun! Pizza lovers unite.
Any style, any toppings. What's your favorite??



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I am making a NYC style crust, foldable like a real slice of pizza. Except it is rectangular because I really don't know what i am doing yet. Lol


I've never actually made my own crust but I bet making your own is better than using Boboli :) LOTS of mozzarella, fresh diced tomatoes, diced green peppers and maybe sundried tomatoes too and some feta. Mmmmmm


Making the crust was much easier than I thought it would be. The house smells heavenly.

I often eat tuna and onion. But choose any toppings as long as it's made in and oven with burning wood.


Enjoy the vote and reward!


I dont have a pizza oven. That would be awesome!