in pizza •  8 months ago

Honestly, the greatest thing in this world.
Has to be round, resounding with sound.
Of lips smacking, jaws crunching.
That doughnut shaped treat.

Pizza, you are a godly thing.
How I love to consume your cheesy strings.
Tearing up the cardboard box is always sad.
Cause I know that I've been bad.
Ordered again.

Delicious is he who provides the slab.
Of mozzarella goodness.
Grind up the beef, cut up them porky cheeks.
Slather on a bunch of saucy goods.

How I love you pizza man.
I'd invite you in, if I can.
To share in this golden brown.
Oh so deliciously mounded,
Pizza pizza pizza!

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Prose as pie as this is incomplete without some reflections on the quintessential pie in the sky. Your favorite toppings and brand both fresh and frozen. Being frugal I can do wonders with a frozen pizza with added toppings baked on my Weber kettle charcoal grill with a little cherry wood smoke. I also do a 24 hour slow-rise Italian pizza dough that does a marvelous thin crust masterpiece.


That actually sounds legit. I was challenged to write about pizza, so I neglected the toppings and just considered the experience.

Flavorful is thee who blesses the mighty pizza with toppings of choice.
But to me, basil and oregano kept nicely moist.
With dashings of chilli and other spice.
Throwing in some pork and beef is always nice!


A place near here makes a breakfast pizza using sausage gravy for sauce mozzarella cheese, sausage chunks, bacon, cubed hard boiled eggs, and Canadian bacon. Jalapenos on top if requested. It is their top selling pizza and is served all day long.