pixEOS Joins The dGoods Initiative For Standardized NFTs On EOS

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The pixEOS team is pleased to announce joining the dGoods Initiative in order to help create open sourced standards for non fungible tokens (NFTs) on the EOS blockchain.

dGoods is tasked with creating a digital goods standard that developers can adhere to. This will allow for a greater interoperability between EOS dApps that conform to those standards, so that an object designed for one platform can easily be made compatible with another platform. Interoperability for digital goods means the proliferation of art, music, and digital game objects on a network of cross compatible EOS dApps.

By creating a baseline standard of code for teams to turn to and build from, it will save time and effort when it comes to code deployment, allowing developers to rapidly expand on their ideas and go from the drawing board to testing and main-net launch phases more smoothly. dGoods will integrate a unified guideline opening the doors for a wider range of compatibility with various wallet services.

In addition, the dGoods standard will provide proof of ownership as well as the ability to render assets within the digital wallets that carry them, either in 2D or 3D such as the case often being with digital game objects. NFTs also account for traceability and possess innate authentication attributes thanks to provenance via the blockchain technology backed decentralized ledger upon which they are recorded; the token itself provides both the proof of ownership and authenticity.

dGoods also has some innovative features, such as the ability to bundle together various NFTs and sell them as a single object, and Sub Tokens as a boon to developers in order to save resources and costs on deploying additional contracts.

pixEOS is proud to work towards the formalization of an NFT standard alongside initiative members including US based EOS block producer Cypherglass, wallet provider EOS Lynx, the Mythical Games studio, the Scatter blockchain payment service, and wallet provider Token Pocket.

Check out this video from Cypherglass explaining a bit more about the impact of the initiative:

Working together, pixEOS and the teams supporting dGoods will develop, implement, and standardize NFTs for the entire EOS ecosystem.

Featured image by Stellabelle and Yusaymon.

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