pixEOS Grand Lottery: 15 Million pixEOS In Prizes!

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As we near the end of the 2nd stage of the pixEOS Sale our goal is to have as many different people discover about the project and join our thriving pixEOS community.

We’re passionate about how pixEOS can change peoples lives, and we want to show our absolute dedication to profit-sharing and disrupting the formal archetypes of the legacy system.

As a special bonus, since there is now less than 48 hours until the sale closes, we are launching an exclusive lottery for the participants of the 2nd round of the token sale.

We want to reward the same community that has done so much to support us. Absolutely anyone has the chance to come up and become a whale with our Grand Lottery!

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Whether you’re an artist, a gamer, or just someone who is tired of all the negativity around crypto in the past few months, the place you have been dreaming of is the pixEOS community; it’s a place where anyone can come to relax, have interesting conversations, or even just goof off!

Our number one goal is always joy and happiness, and the EOS ecosystem is full of people who have this same inherent community drive. We share their excitement about everything that is being developed on the EOS blockchain and we want to pay it forward by giving away a total of 15 million pixEOS and turning 3 lucky winners into the next pixEOS whales!

The More pixEOS You Buy The Better Your Chances Of Winning, So Go To https://launch.pixeos.io And Get Your pixEOS Tokens Now!

This lottery will function through a raffle system: every 1 EOS contributed to the sale during the second round grants you 1 ticket towards the lottery. This means that the more EOS you contribute to this 2nd round, the higher your chances of winning the Grand prize.

Now for the prizes, there are going to be 3 winners of the pixEOS Grand Lottery. Each winner will receive a total prize of 5 Million pixEOS!!!

Tune in to see who wins when we make the announcement during a special pixEOS LiveStream on Monday, the 28th of January at 13h30 UTC. More details about how you can tune in will be shared in the Official pixEOS Telegram channel: https://t.me/PIXEOS

During this LiveStream:

  • We will draft the winners of the pixEOS Grand Lottery.
  • The draft will be followed by a live AMA session where you can ask all sorts of questions, pixEOS or non-pixEOS related to our wonderful host Fred.

Rules of the contest:

  • Winners will be determined through a random number generator live on stream by of of the pixEOS founders, Fred Nogueira.
  • The same EOS account cannot receive more than 1 prize. If it is chosen by the random number generator as the winner a 2nd time, this result will be ignored and the drafter will move on to a new drafted account.
    pixEOS tokens prizes will be sent directly to the accounts that won the lottery, within 24 hours of the winners announcement.
  • Total amount of tokens distributed in the pixEOS Grand Lottery: 15 Million pixEOS
  • Any contribution made in the 2nd round since it started on January 8th will be counted towards the lottery draft, so participation after announcement is not mandatory in order to be eligible.

Good luck, and thanks for being a member of the pixEOS community!
Featured art by Stellabelle.

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