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Hello Brian! - I'm sorry for this off-topic comment but as I don't know how to reach you otherwise this the only solution left.
The thing is that (I don't know maybe it's only me or something from my side, but) the doesn't work anymore and for some time. At first glance, everything seems fine. The site is there, we can normally type in the username, click the Go! button, but then...
It enters a neverending loop to never come up with the result, and no matter how long you leave it to scroll and search the account.
Long story short, I miss that tool of yours and I would appreciate any info and reply from your side. Thank you in advance!



I didn't know it was broken because I never use it. It looks like the issue is with the SteemJS library used on the site. The connection to the websocket is failing...

Screen Shot 2018-01-17 at 11.43.52 AM.png

I probably won't be fixing any time soon. Sorry :(


Oh! Pity! Sorry to hear that! But thank you for the reply and letting me know!

Nice one, bud!

You're back. That is a Good Thingtm.

I can't just laughing, it's quite amazing

Very true and timely.


You are true and timely. We all are reverenced by your timely comment about being timely.

what do you think about sbd and steam prices are opposite each other?

welcome friend

upvoted and resteemed