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But... But... The steam is the Steemit logo!!!????

LOL. Removed


...some need to be showed and told you know. :3 Such a nice pixelated animated art. Yet some see wine bottles poring coffee and others don't see the steaming steemit logo. I'm waiting for someone to drop by and find sexual innuendos in this one. That bottle sure is phallic and that cup.......


I could kill you and speed up the process of you being super famous and more appreciated? :>

Very nice gif in which wine bottle is used to pour coffee

great job!


Thanks buddy!

Lol, is that wine bottle pouring coffee?


Something like that


Says JAME (i think)...+ the look of the bottle I would say this is Jameson - whiskey.


I'd say that too

Thank you for getting this out. @mynameisbrian

#I love this, it's so good! And haha love the clip. 😄

Haha, love it! What do you use for these animations? Photoshop?


Pure imagination!

Coffee with wine! Nice!

Nice work done buddy