I Love Nature - Trees Tuesday - Mystical Silhouettes

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Mystical Silhouettes

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blanket of fog

Everyone who lives in the countryside will have experienced it. From one moment to the next, a blanket of fog can suddenly arise. And that is more natural at this time of year than when it is the middle of summer. Often the mornings are now shrouded in mists, and sometimes it's just a thick impenetrable blanket of fog that has spread over the countryside.

suddenly comes out of the fog

When I walk early in the morning with the dogs, I am always surprised what suddenly comes out of the fog.

And this time it were thes Mystical Silhouettes.

CategoryI Love Nature Photocontest
SettingsISO 500, f5.6, s 1/20
CameraNIKON D300s
Lens70.0-300.0 f4.5-f5.6
LocationHeeswijk-Dinther, North Brabant, The Netherlands

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Greetings @hetty-rowan.

Lovely photograph......so very moody.

All the best.


Gorgeous! Almost eery... fantastic shot @hetty-rowan!


Thank you @jaynie for your wonderful compliment. I really appreciate it!