Zerocoin Protocol - PIVX Basics - Ep3

in pivx •  11 months ago

This episode is about Privacy in Cryptocurrency and how PIVX uses the Zerocoin Protocol to enhance this. There is a lot of misinformation on the subject of privacy, so I hope this helps to clear some things up. Thank you to the community members that helped with the video as well. I appreciate you all very much.

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Great video! I love how the PIVX Zerocoin implementation gives you the choice to turn privacy on or off.

Definitely a lot of misinformation out there. Keep it purple people!

Thanks for setting the record straight.
PIVX putting the 'P' in Privacy!

Loving these PIVX Class videos. Zerocoin on a POS coin is a total game changer. Slowly but surely the world will find out!

Thanks a lot for sharing crypto update..Carry on my friend ...

Got a real laugh out of the 'underwear' analogy! Great video! Thanks and keep 'em coming!

Cool, thx for that explanation!

It was pretty clear if you ask me.

I just watched the recovery seed video too, which seemed promising.

Keep up the good work you guys, glad to find PIVX on steemit!


Well detail video.. great invention and secure transactions..