The official PIVX mobile wallet is on the way

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PIVX is among the most actively developed currencies in the cryptoverse, There have also been excellent partnerships built with leading companies to bring PIVX to mobile devices prior to the launch of an official APP.

PIVX is already available on the Coinomi platform for mobile devices here
and work is ongoing to add us to the well known JAXX platform here: expect an update in the next few weeks.

However it was recently leaked in the PIVX slack that the Android app was quite close to completion and should be available for general release or at least beta on or around JULY 15th 2017 . This is great news for the PIVX community, and the fact that this is being built concurrently with Zero protocol privacy and community governance, goes to show that the swarm approach is really paying dividends.

A recently increased price is also leading to an increased budget for proposals for marketing and other PIVX related projects, so to say things are looking rosey is an understatement.

Keep your eyes peeled for the PIVX android app which will be available in around a month, and always remember that mobile apps are not the most secure place to keep ANY crypto currency, only load onto them what you plan to spend.

*full PIVX mobile app features may be altered before launch but they include:

  • BIP 32 - HD Wallets
  • IOS and Android compatible
  • Zerocoin privacy compatible
  • Push notifications

Staking will not be available on mobile devices when we launch the app, and in my personal opinion (crypto si) it should never be enabled as it will encourage people to keep all of their PIV on a mobile wallet which is a very unsafe move as mobile devices will likely NEVER be the most secure platform for crypto currencies.

Piv long and Prosper.

please remember that the OFFICIAL PIVX Steemit account is looking for experienced Steemians to help manage our account,
register you interest here:

Find out more about PIVX at our website here
Join our slack here
Join our forums here
Follow us on twitter here
Join the Facebook group here
subscribe to the pre-official youtube channel here
subscribe to the community owned youtube channel here

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what is zerocoin privacy compatibility?

Nobody can trace your money (the best private cash tech now)

Love it guys! Looking forward to having my PIVX on my brand new phone :p

It's about time! :-)

Pivx is a TEAM work

can't wait ..will be watching

Good information. Thank you @pivx

Excellent work dear friend @pivx very interesting and very current, it is good to know something more than the criptomonedas, this could become a good investment alternative. Thank you very much for sharing all this information

This PVIX wallet is compatible in all currencies @pivx? Sorry to ask😔😔

No it will just be a PIVX wallet, jaxx will support multiple currencies though!

Yes, JAXX and Coinomi for multiple currencies.

go go PIVX

Sounds good... Followed and upvoted! Thanks for the info!

Come on PIVX! You're worth a $100 at least, let's hope you start showing it soon

Seems like a cool one! Wonder how its gonna be then. Hopefully u can check it out article of current BTC facts.

Woah, great progress! GO CRYPTOS! :D

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