PIVX - Instant, Private & Cheap 🔥 Why I'm Adding It To My Portfolio

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Proposal submitted to PIVX

Trading at $4.69
10,000 pivx to create a masternode - $46,900

Private, Instant, Verified transactions

PivX is a fork of Dash. It was a codebase fork not a blockchain fork. Dash and PIVX do not share genesis blocks.

Largest difference is it’s 100% proof of stake
Focuses on privacy
Seesawing masternode operation doesn’t give advantage to older users

Can switch between master nodes and stakers

PIVX is a transactional security and privacy driven decentralized open source cryptocurrency. PIVX was launched on February 1st, 2016 under the name of ‘Darknet’ (DNET). PIVX features PoS, Masternodes and no premine.

Private Transactions: Your transactions can be conducted without others tracing back who you are, how much you have, and who you’re transacting with.

Instant Transactions: SwiftX technology allows PIVX to be used for point-of-sale situations where a locked payment is sent and confirmed 5 times in less than a second, while not being exposed to double spends that other cryptocurrencies are susceptible to.

Open Source: You can read the source code yourself here.

Fungible: Erasing the history of each PIVX transaction before you spend it makes your PIVX just as valuable as anyone else’s. Your coins can’t be blacklisted.
Self funded: PIVX has it’s own fixed budget allocated for awarded proposal to maintain and improve the project, and is 100% self-sufficient.

Proposal sumbitted to PIVX

10,000 pivx to create a masternode - $46,900
Trading at $4.69

2050 master nodes
Users also have the option of staking coins

Proof of stake, no mining
Average transaction fee 3/100 cent

50 piv to submit a proposal ($600)

Monthly budget of around 21,000 pivx about to double in April

Designing a new style of governance. Masternodes voted to give up some voting rights to all the users



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I was minting Pivix on my mac but I broke my node, they're suppose to do some updates. Great post. Maybe they did do these updates, now I'm inspired to check my little node. Mining on Mac's is more difficult I think.

Heres a calculator to calculate how much you can make from staking/masternodes and how long the waiting time is.

PIVX is a coin I want to like so much and I do hold a chunk, but the staking has been really inconsistent in my experience and the complete mess that was the zPIV rollout means that it's not one I've concentrated on. I prefer NAV as a staking coin.

Definitely agree with you, PIVX is also one of my newer long-term picks!

Great video, as always! Keep up the great work :)!

I'd also love to have the masternode but I just don't have that kind of money right now...

This is very useful. Thx for sharing

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