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  ·  last month

I'm already on it, you think it will go much further?

  ·  last month

PIVX is a solid fork of Dash without all the controversial things about it. Even @thedashguy knows.

Dash is $100.
PIVX is $0.40.

  ·  last month

  ·  last month

I got a window seat!

  ·  last month

PIVX definitely has my attention now.

  ·  last month

If Poloniex adds Pivx, easy to get $1 to $5 dollars. Jupiter

  ·  last month

Hmmm...Maybe I should.

  ·  last month

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  ·  last month

wow... PIVX to the moon!

  ·  last month

Loving the graphics, you can follow this pre-official PIVX account here @pivx for more news and articles.

you can also see the budget proposal which will make this the worlds first official blockchain approved steemit account. here :

We need help from experienced steemians to make this account better and become an asset to both steem and PIVX.