Pivx. More than just a coin.

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Cryptocurrency, generally is seen as just a currency but Pivx is trying to go beyond the standards of other coins. Pivx is working towards being a community, a tight nit family that supports and helps each other out. They have free support video calls, at which they advise you on things like how to stake, mine Pivx, and secure Pivx Wallets. Even after only a few days of joining, its clear to me that this is one of the friendliest communities that has ever been around. Joining their daily hangout sessions, the community is very warm and welcome all new Pivx members and even sometimes giving free donations to those who break their membership goals.

The Pivx is striving to make themselves a community that everyone can feel involved. Every day and night you will be greeted by the community, and constantly reminded of how the members view there community as a family with how they help and support one another.

If you want to join a Crypto-community that actually cares about its members and their well being, join Pivx. Its not just about the coin, its about you as the community member. The difference between Pivx and any other Crypto-community is that with Pivx, your voice and your opinion matters. If you need help, the community will help you. If you have a question, there is always someone to help. Pivx is a community with the ideals of a family, and that is what makes Pivx truly unique.

To join the Pivx family click here: http://slack.pivx.org/


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