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RE: Pitch Perfect Week 56 - Acoustic Cover of White Zombie's "Thunderkiss 65"

Hell yeah!!! ThunderKiss!!! Really cool cover mate! Slowing it down like that really gives it a completely different feel , it’s funny that up until now I’d never taken the time to find out or make sense of the lyrics to this track (which is gotta be my fav white zombie track) thanks LK! Keep on rockin! 🤘


Thanks man! I'm not really a fan of Mr. Zombie, but back in 93/94 this album was the shit. This reminds me of the good times with my first wife, parties, acid trips. It was just great.

Haha! Musics great at reminding us of the good times, and yeah LaSexorcisto was a really cool album. Nice work on taking out the pitch perfect comp to mate! Well done

Thank you my friend <3

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