Pitch Perfect Week #26- “Shook” an original song.

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Soul Searching

I wrote this song a few months ago about someone very close to me who is going through a late life awakening experience. I don’t tend to pull punches when it comes to discussing things that are important to me and since this person has been doing a lot of soul searching, they are starting to see that all is not as it seems in our little bubble.

They came to me in tears with accusations about me shaking their faith and it was a tough moment for me. Fortunately I can see now that what they are going through is personal and was not initiated by me, I was just an accomplice ;)

So don’t be afraid to speak your truth. Yeah you may shake things up a bit, but everyones journey is their own and if it’s time for them to hear what you’ve got to say then they will. If not then it’s just a fart in the wind.

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I like the way you play man


Why thank you my friend.

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Is amazing to know how the lyrics came to life! what inspired you to create such a powerful and with so much depth piece! Looking forward to be by your side in all the new creations coming up! ♥♥♥


Thanks beau :)

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