Steemit Pitch Perfect Week 51 - Cover Of Tiamat's "Misantropolis"

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Greetings Pirch Perfect!

This week I decided on a cover from one of my all time favs Tiamat. This one is from their 2008 release Amanates. I played it a whole step lower in C# standard tuning to see if I could get that low vocally for this song and to me it worked better than the E standard the song was recorded in.


The river's flowing
The water's deep
The water's dark
Where angels weep
The skied are falling
It's time to leave
But don't you ever say goodbye
The whip's back lashing
And planes are crashing
The water's dark
The water's deep
The skies are falling
It's time to leave
But don't you ever say goodbye
And then we crash into the sun
With so much left undone
We're leaving now
A life's a gospel
Some girls are soul
Some baby's blues
Mine's rock'n'roll
But we're falling
It's time to leave
But we will never say goodbye
And on four horses
Come special forces
The water's dark
The water's deep
Cause we're all falling
It's time to leave
But we will never ever say goodbye
And if i would dare to tell the truth
Nothing would stay the same
Now love me or leave me
But this has to come to an end

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Enjoyed man. Thanks for sharing @lk66

Thanks man, glad you enjoyed <3

Thank you for this cover. Tiamat is also one of my all time favourites and I listened a lot to this song back then. Your voice fits totally Johans dark vibes.

Thank you, I'm glad I did it some justice. Johan and Tiamat are one of my favorites as well. A Deeper Kind Of Slumber and a bag of weed are perfection in my book.

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