PitchPerfect Week 39 - Cover Of Michael Hedges "Spring Buds"

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Greetings Pitch Perfect!

This week I played an old one from one of my favorite guitarist, Michael Hedges. Unfortunately, I accidentally left out one of the verses, but already had it done and uploaded before I realized LOL. Shit happens... Enjoy <3


On the last naked day of winter
On the eve of a fateful thaw
I was imprisoned in frozen pieces
Of heart-broken laws

Then down fell an angel renegade
Her halo read "Morning Star"
Wounded by the doom of a comet tail
She was sealed with a scar

Then a sweet lightning struck
And the earth opened us
Like spring buds

Why she ever fled heaven
And why I would hibernate
Answers why we would meet here
To equal our altered states

Then a sweet lightning struck
And the earth opened us
Like spring buds

With a sacred heart-shared rhythm
We blossom through the spring
Star of the Morning shines now
On her own two wings

Then a sweet lightning struck
And the earth opened us
Like spring buds

Then a sweet lightning struck
And the earth opened us
Like spring buds

Writer(s): Michael Hedges

Big thanks to everyone <3

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I really enjoyed listen your music man! I loved the way you play and feel all the music. Thanks for sharing your work, will propose your post to the @celfmagazine project for a good upvote!

Thank you very much <3<3

Thanks buddy <3

Following you now, amazing work you have done.

Thank you very much <3

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