Pitch Perfect Week 58 - Cover of Draconian's "Pale Tortured Blue"

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Greetings Pitch Perfect!

I hope this week finds you all well. This song was screaming for me to do a take on it this week.
I hope you all enjoy!

On my naked back
A dance of the nocturnal sun
The tall grass crawls around me;
In adoration bowing
Can I find you in your dark?
Can you find me in your heart?
There's a fallen statue in the wilderness
It has found its way to your dreams
Haunting the waking hours
In nights' color with eyes like rain
The shades beseech you
My love increases you
And summer freezes you into me...
The cold fire suits you!
A pale tortured blue blistering through
A lifeless lover was the high mountain
Where we tried to reach the stars,
The moon, the ways beyond
It was the purest love of all...
I will raise a statue in the wilderness
It will find its way to your dreams
This will haunt you forever
In nights' color with eyes like rain
Yet I collect the stars you wept,
Keeping them as my own
To be lost in your eyes
For all the sadness that we kept
And I fail to realize it's you...
The cold suits you!
A pale tortured blue blistering through
When there's peace within myself
And everything else
A pale tortured blue blistering through
Songwriters: Anders Jacobsson / Johan Ericson

A big thank you to
@alejandra23 @enginewitty, @thecryptodrive, @guiltyparties, @timCliff @smacommunity @mahdiyari @dsound
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This is really great!!

Thanks man <3

Nicely don my friend. Enjoyed it. @lk666

Thanks man <3

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