Pitch Perfect Week 44 - Original Guitar Improvisation

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Greetings Pitch Perfect!

This week I played a guitar improvisation I have been messing around with the last couple days as I explore the open B tuning. I hope you all enjoy <3

Big thanks to everyone <3

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¡Hola lk666! El titulo podría ser "Improvisación", varias oraciones de los comentarios que más te gustan, de publicaciones anteriores, o los títulos de las publicaciones anteriores
Puedes agregar "voto Curie, plataforma steemit", y hacer una canción para Steemit, bueno la verdad no soy compositora esto solamente es una idea, tu composición suena muy bien, ¿Cómo te sentiste con tu voto Curie? Puedes escribir algo de tus sentimientos en ese momento y componer unas letras, jajaja bueno creo que ya son muchos consejos de algo que no domino, cariños y besos.

Por ejemplo las siguientes oraciones:


Encontrarnos en la paz, la abundancia y la libertad de la red


No tiene por qué ser una relación romántica, solo una relación.


Realmente no puedo imaginar cómo es posible porque suena tan complejo y hermoso,

Gracias por el comentario, estoy feliz de que hayan disfrutado <3
No he estado escribiendo mucho en cuanto al contenido lírico últimamente. Sin embargo, estoy evolucionando con mis letras y escribo más sobre sentimientos profundos y trato de ser más profundo en lugar de solo oscuro y depresivo. Realmente no estoy seguro de escribir sobre algo como Steemit. Probablemente escribiría sobre esto desde un punto de vista abstracto.

Gracias de nuevo y mucho amor <3

I really loved your guitar improvisation, it is quite interesting how you managed to create such a good song by just improvising before the camera, that just shows me how talented and promising you are as an musician, and that's what real artists do. I will look forward to hearing more from you!

Thank you very much <3

wooow bro! amazing!!! :D really! im very happy to listen your videos and music sinces a many months ago ;) its very awesome the way that you create your sound, in this post I love the way that you handle the improvsation jam cause its my artistic musical way in this platform the improv 100% all the time, each post, so its amazing that you have made this amazing tune, by the way I love the sound of the guitar! like always, peace and blessings my dark friend lml

very good good sound mood like Anathema or Katatonia feelings in each note ;)

Thanks bro <3
Means a lot coming from a fellow musician and metalhead. I really enjoy just jamming, coming up with riffs, melody, and seeing where the music and feel just takes it in the end. Katatonia and Anathema are among some of my favorite bands.

Much love my friend <3

<3 lml
Yes those bands are perfect! and many others from the same vibe: porcupine tree, opeth, poets of the fall, paradise lost...
I love your sound.
take care bro! :D

Muchas gracias por apoyar el concurso participando <3
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Muchas gracias <3

That sounds really good, I am wondering how do you do it, is that music that you are creating just in front of video cam or have you just created shortly before and now playing it for us. Because if it is live then it is like freewrite but free improvisation. I can't really imagine how it is possible because it sounds so complex and beautiful but when you play it sounds so easy flowing, it is a great talent, I like it :)

Thank you <3
I was playing around with some of the riffs ahead of time but didn't really flesh out the song till I played it for you guys. Loopers are quite useful in that regard ;)
I'm glad you enjoyed it :)

I'm thinking what kind of lyrics would fit this improvisation.. I'm not sure how it makes me feel.. I could name it 'thoughtful' probably.. this would be the best work of it. But if I think about lyrics I would think of a relationship.. doesn't need to be a romantic relationship, just any relationship.

If you say it's an improvisation but you've been messing around with it for a couple of days.. do you write it down so that you don't forget the next day or does it stick in our head?

It was a pleasure to listen to your guitar :) Thank you for sharing!

Thank you <3
I don't write anything down TBH. I've just been playing the riffs for a couple days and came up with the lead work on the spot. I do thinks some lyrics would be great for this song. If you would like to come up with some it'd be awesome \m/
Thanks again <3

This is perfect mate! loved it!

Thanks brotha <3

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