Pitch Perfect Week 37 - Cover Of Katatonia's "Sweet Nurse"

in #pitchperfect5 years ago

Hey Pitch Perfect!

This week I'm doing a cover requested by a youtube Subscriber. I hope you all enjoy!!!


O my sweet nurse
Pull the curtain aside for a while
So that I can for once have
The sun in my eye
You smile and say
It's a fine day
O my sweet nurse
Pull the curtain aside for a while
Then like a ghost at night
You come around all dressed in white
Talking to me
And so I have to drink
The water with your poison spilled
For no more will
O my sweet nurse
Seems you have so little time
That you rather put
Me to sleep than sit by my side
Songwriters: Anders Nystrom / Jonas Petter Renkse

Big thanks to everyone <3

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Thanks brotha <3

Esto es genial <3

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muchas gracias <3

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