Pitchperfect week 18: “Horse’s Bransle” (Renaissance mandolin)

Hello everyone! 🎶 Today I have a fun little Renaissance dance tune to play; in the video I talk about how this dance is called “Horse’s Bransle” (pron. “brawl”) because the dancers’ steps mimic horses prancing.

I’m playing this one on the mandolin, although it is important to note that the mandolin as we know it had not yet been invented during the Renaissance. That said, however, there was a soprano lute at the time that would have easily played the melodic line in a consort (or group) of musicians or minstrels.




Hi @heatherthebard,

I enjoyed listening to "Horse's Bransle" and learning a little about the piece's history in your youtube video.

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Next time with dancing?

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It has been pretty fun, I’m a member of a living history/reenactment group, and I have played for dances many times. 🙂

Beautiful music surrounded by flowers and greenery : )

Thank you! How are you? Good to see you back here. 🙂 I hope you and your family enjoyed your travels!

Hi, @heatherthebard, I came back 2 weeks ago, just had a lot to do, so did not go to the Steemit. I see you're not there very often. Summer and a lot of farm work, I understand. But you still make beautiful music. That's great!

Yeah, this last week was busy. But now that our cow herd is on summer pasture, it will leave more time for music. 🙃 I’m looking forward to that!

It's great that you, despite your busy schedule, find time for music and Steemet ; )