For the Love

in pitbull •  3 months ago


Sometimes I amaze, sometimes I disappoint

Sometimes I blow this paper like its just a joint

Sometimes I look at change like its just some coins

Like Shaq at the line, you probably missed the point...

Its perspective, which angle your looking from.

When you take a chance you ever wonder who you took it from???


Eat with me if your hungry dog,
But then again, how loyal is a hungry dog???
That same hunger will make your dog eat you alive
You either starve to death or you eat to survive...

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Fabs oldies, takes me back to those dark cold car rides to community college 🤣 fuck that fat ass 2-flannel wearing science teacher


sheeeeesh man,
why does that seem like so long ago BUT ALSO like it happened yesterday?
fucks with my mind

Love pits brother. I have two of them. 36FDFFDB-2D8E-4203-9767-23A08AE5E0ED.jpeg



Im fucking jealous man! Pits really are the best breed


Seems like you are also a dog lover. And especially a pit lover. So why don’t you take the step and get one? They only need love and time

Cute doggo 😍😍😍😍


I know!!! shes an old friend of mine that I dont get to see often

I vouch on the loyalty of the dogs.
Is this your pitbull ?

Have never heard before Fabolous, but it sounds really good and the text of the song is great, I love the dog, looks like it is enjoying been on lawn :)