Some fact about Pisces

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  • A Pisces doesn't need a perfect Relationship, they just need someone who won't give up on them when shit get's rough.

  • They often don't have the energy to argue with people , so they will let you think what you want.

  • Simple gestures mean more to them than expensive items , for them it's the thought that counts.

  • Pisces need to feel your love , not just hear it.

  • Pisces are the strongest believers in true love.


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ciertamente soy pisciano; excelente post!!!!!!!

Your post is so good and standard. Thanks for sharing such a best post.

Gimana cara main

So true..Im married to one..

Nice post..

Pisces need to feel your love , not just hear it.
Pisces are the strongest believers in true love.

2 this statement is very suitable with me..
Warm greetings, from the people of pisces.

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Pisces don’t expect much… just be REAL!