Coinstar Plunder Log #4 for February 2019

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My ususal ongoing Pirate stories; Claudia, Fate of the Lenear Specter, Chart of the Moon Goddess, etc. are still in development but for now I’d like to catch up on a my other piratey shtick.

T’was the last Saturday of the month of February
as best as I can remember just three times fairly,
when I spy with me unpatched eye,
another Coinstar score in the store that I frequent quite merrily!

Okay this Store management may have sunk me chances at any more neglected plunder scoring only two coin that month of February so I was forced to ply me sharp and wicked eye to the nearby Compass machine more often. The same three machines located outside the Light Transit train station.
I did get better than expected results this time, lucky me. Score one worthless store cart slug with an interesting footnote in local Retain/Economic history.

A lucky score for the Month of February!

2007 2 Dollars Polar Bear Reverse Bi-Metallic Aluminium-bronze center in Nickel ring
KM# 837, Schön# 525 38,957,000 Mintage
2012 1 Dollar Loon Reverse Brass plated Steel KM# 1255, Schön# 944 107,105,000 Mintage.

2004 Quarter Dollar Caribou Reverse Nickel plated Steel KM# 493, Schön# 521 177,466,000 Mintage
2006 Quarter Dollar Caribou Reverse Nickel plated Steel KM# 493, Schön# 521 423,189,000 Mintage
2008 Commemorative issue Freestyle Skiing - Vancouver 2010 Olympic Games Nickel plated Steel KM# 765, Schön# 750.1 22,000,000 Mintage.

There is a huge number of commemorative Canadian quarters including Numismatic proofs and silver versions so collecting the complete quarters of Canada is a daunting endeavor.

2004 10 Cents Bluenose Schooner reverse Nickel plated Steel KM# 492, Schön# 520 214,000,000 Mintage.
2006 10 Cents Bluenose Schooner reverse Nickel plated Steel KM# 492, Schön# 520 312,000,000 Mintage.
2015 10 Cents Bluenose Schooner reverse Nickel plated Steel KM# 492, Schön# 520 112,475,000 Mintage.
2016 x 3 10 Cents Bluenose Schooner reverse Nickel plated Steel KM# 492, Schön# 520 220,000,000 Mintage.

Note: 2017 10 Cents are a considerably low mintage year of 575,000 of NIFC, that is NOT intended for circulation type so HANG on to them!

2001 5 Cents Beaver Reverse Nickel plated Steel KM# 182b, Schön# 164a 136,656,000 Mintage
2005 5 Cent Beaver Reverse Nickel plated Steel KM# 491, Schön# 519a 89,664,000 Mintage.
2008 5 Cent Beaver Reverse Nickel plated Steel KM# 491, Schön# 519a 278,530,000 Mintage.
2013 5 Cent Beaver Reverse Nickel plated Steel KM# 491, Schön# 519a 78,120,000 Mintage.
2015 5 Cent Beaver Reverse Nickel plated Steel KM# 491, Schön# 519a 87,360,000 Mintage.
2016 5 Cent Beaver Reverse Nickel plated Steel KM# 491, Schön# 519a 140,952,000 Mintage.
2018 x 2 5 Cent Beaver Reverse Nickel plated Steel KM# 491, Schön# 519a Mintage Unposted.

The Find?

Zellers Discount Department Store Shopping aluminum Cart tokens are made to the approximate size of the One Dollar coin. The carts either accept both the One Dollar coin, or the token as a means to encourage the customer return the cart to the store or cart Stall when done with shopping.
This token was to be carried on a typical set of keys by a Lobster clasp affixed to the hole of the Cart token.

Zellers Store by Magnus Manski Wikimedia Commons

The Zellers Retailer closed down retail operations in March of 2013 uncompetitive to the likes of Walmart. The Chains retail space was acquired by Target Stores began purchasing lease agreements as early as January 2011 Target stores took the place of the Zellers retail stores for barely two years but ended up closing it’s stores by April 15th 2015. The reasons begin with a terrible relaunch, very spotty supply chain issues, too narrow selection of brands leading to poor sales! Sounds more like terrible management. The CEO should have been keelhauled by the Shareholders.

Yes I shopped there as I mulled and experimented in cheaper clothing options for that Gothic Zeller's look back when I was quite Income challenged.


Total Plunder from the Coinstar and 3 Compass Fare Machines for February 2019
19 coins $4.35 In CAD Currency or $3.26 USD
0 Silver
1 Token
0 coins Foreign Currency

2 Keepers;

2013 5 Cent as a Low Mintage coin.
1 Zellers Cart Token for posterity

The remainder goes into my ‘Go Fund my Pirate Ship’ Project (An upcoming blog Saga).

So do yea ‘ave a Coinstar Machine near ye? Tell me wha’ Yea plundered from it or any other Change generatin’ vendin’ machine.

1, My own photos/pictures
W Wiki Commons
R Clip art vectors from 123RF
C. Free clipart from Openclipart

“Et lux in tenebris to serve laboro, sum sicarius” “I work in the shadows to serve the Light, I am an Assassin”

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I never see anything at my Coinstar machines!😂


It's not just Coinstars I check (I am only getting a few lately) but the nearby Soda Machines and those Compass Train ticket machines.
Basic fare is $2.95 for one zone, the 5 cents Nickel most often get left behind.
There are many times I find nothing.

@kerrislravenhill a nice little haul for sure! I often get skunked on my raiding attempts. Gotta keep trying cause that gold coin is right around the next bend. Will be thrilled to be aboard your ship! Thanks for sharing!!


My original premise is to just hope that some little old lady or man would dump his huge jar of change and hope they leave the SILVER behind. Maybe an old Sov! In my dreams. But I can find other stuff, especially foreign coins after I finish my Saturday morning shopping.

Very smart check the coin stars. I've had a few great finds this year already.

For being so smart and investing in the @bankofwelshie, you got a 100% upvote


No Silver yet.
But lucky so far.
Got an interesting item for the next one.
"My" one of two machines is located near an ethnic Asian area. So i get a few Asian some US other than coins and junk. But living in Europe you get all sorts of European coinage goodies.

I want a pirate ship!


I think I will be planning this as a fantasy project.
"Go Fund my Pirate Ship"

Das ist schön :p

First I thought you meant the coin grade with schön, which would be a F-12 in Germany. Then I realized that you probably mean this guy xD. Sadly we don't have coinstar machines here in Germany, so no hauls from my end, but that's a nice coinstar haul, love the Canadians :)


Yes that fellow. The Numismatist.
I do a bit of Metal Detecting, Europe has a huge trove of buried items of historical interest just waiting to be found.

Hehehe... you are ever so lucky on your coinstar machine coin hunts! Great finds, my sis @kerrislravenhill! Happy Pirate Sunday!


Thanks Sis, March is only half as good in coin. Found another non-coin. Just trouble identifying it.

Every little bit helps toward the ship!

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I may be upgrading from a Brigantine to a Light Frigate, slightly bigger with the sacrifice of some speed. Takes a crew compliment of about 160 which is about the current size of #SSG-Community. Coincidence? I'll talk to @silverd510 about the building plans.


If you need someone to sit crow and navigate, lemme know😎☠

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When the time comes, I'll be opening up forward to the community for applications to crew her.

Nice Schooners Captain !!!


The Bluenose Schooner, Canada's sailing Pride and Joy that won the Americas Cup (Whatever that was). But no place to put the cannons.

Nice plundering! I've been striking out for a few months on the coinstars. Found zero coins.


It's Hit & Miss.
Don't know how long my luck will hold up.
Most of the coins are now coming from the Compass Ticket Machines I get most often on rainy weather days.


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Keep up the great work!


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Why Thank you but wouldn't this go to my hips?

I've been glancing down lately as I'm walking by... I did find some coinage a couple times... I'm always surprised when I do...
April 7, 2019... #ssg-membership


The Compass ticket machines are great with folks running after the incoming train leave their change in the trays or even on the ground around it. Bad rainy Weather seem to get better results quantity wise.

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