Super Bowl or Pirate news

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In Europe we know little about American Football and can hardly mention any teams. What is also confusing is that in one year the Rams play in St Louis and the next in Los Angeles. Imagine that Manchester United changes to Madrid in our soccer competitions here!

In preparing this post I read that St. Louis still is not over it and they get cheap drinks for three days if the Rams loose.
Void where prohibited. Restrictions apply. Valid at Missouri locations only.

But hey what is more important Super Bowl or Piratesunday news?

Piratesunday news of course.

The news yesterday ofcourse was the new beauty case for thedamus and family sent to him by silverd510. post link

Our own pirate bot the mermaid aka ssg-community had to be taken to another node (anode?) and it all went well according UK pirate who this time luckily decided not to smoke before turning the switches. Anyone knows why he writes 'are' instead of 'or' all the time? Should it not be argh?

Various of our pirate ships could not sail out due to harsh weather conditions. Pirate VGH had his beard frozen, pirate ED from Canada due to the cold perhaps did feel no pain after his hernia operation (ice flowers or some tlc words are welcome ! ) and pirate ladybug now has frozen lakes and waterfalls on her photographs here

Pirate stokjockey posted about new 'girlfriends' here which I hope does not mean he broke up with the lady of the bunker.

Silver spot price for a while came above 16 USD but our pirate Brockman suspects US banks to push the price down each time. Damn banksters have they not learnt from their collegues in Iran.

That is enough for this week, I am back to reading your posts and decide if I am gonna watch some of that Super Bowl tonight (start 00.30 local time) or not. As a rooster I have to get up early you know.

See you later


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I don't remember the last time I check on america

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Death to the banksters, I love it!

Hangins a too good for these Banksters lets bring on some Iranian crew mates.