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RE: - HOW TO REACH PAYOUT! +proof (legit site)

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Hi there!

Though you have placed a lot of payment proofs but still it is difficult to make sense how is it possible for the site to give away so much amounts to the users just by encouraging them to be active on the site.

These are the words written in the faq of

How does the winning algorithm work?
Part of the algorithm is random and based on your luck. Another part is based on your activity and tracks your actions on Piratecash, including the number of invites, active friends, completed offers, AD clicks and more. We have made the algorithm as fair as possible: you can be sure that the more active on Piratecash you are, the more you will win!

Site is just taking its start


and about the site's online career you people can read this article

I also found some negative reviews one is

Edit start
Though I have also started to use the site from last 2 days and as you guided was also thinking to refer people **so if anyone interested kindly use my link so we can see if this really helps to get to the minimum withdrawal limit cause the writer of this post is already making claims that s/he has received big amounts

so that suspicious people like me will help me to boost and if me too got successful payment then I will post my proof here and the ones who got referred from my link would not face difficulty to refer others. Edit end

Why learn crypto free when you can earn while learning.
The above link will help you to earn ERC20 based tokens which you can convert anytime to other currencies.


A thought made me to edit the last reply

If someone is winning big amounts s/he does not need to put effort to write a detailed post as the author of this post has done and the post suddenly appeared to me a BIG TIME LIE

Now in my personal view the site is a scam and I am not willing to waste my single moment any further with this site so if I am not satisfied with a site then how can I refer others to get scammed as well.

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