Entry for Pinky And Spiky Drawing Contest Week 61

in pinkyandspiky •  5 months ago 

Happy Saturday to all, before this week I finished and recharged our spirits for a new one, I wanted to make my ticket for this week of Pinky and Spiky Drawing Contest. This time the theme is: Spiky carrying a mattress, the first thing he thought was: This has to be fun for them! so I did it. My mom really got angry if she tried to do this as a child, and I think it could end badly if I try now, but boy is it fun.

I hope you like my entry, there are very talented participants, maybe you can see their tickets too.


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I can relate with this comic! Jumping in the bed is really fun, but be careful not to be caught by your mom or else she will be really mad!

Yes it is. If you do not want the fun to end, do not get caught

Jumping on the mattress is a lot of fun...

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