Discovering PAL

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Spiky just finished posting his article on steemit and then few hours later Pinky checked his feed and saw the post of Spiky. She said to him that his post just got a one dollar upvote. Then here comes Spiky who was so excited to see it if it's true.

He was so disappointed after seeing that his post has just $0.00 and thought that Pinky is just pranking him. Pinky tried to show her phone to him to prove that she is not lying. Then both of them became curious and thought that something wrong is happening.

They call their other friends for a meeting. Each of them were assigned a certain task to do. Spiky is browsing for some info in his phone. Pinky is reading some related articles in the newspaper. Dietrich is reading some unrelated notes. Betsy is finding some stuffs with magnifying glass. Cornelius is flying in the air to gather some news. While Victor is instructing his flies to get some help from other steemians.


Dietrich continued to sniff some stuffs and notes until he reached the laptop and phone of Pinky and Spiky. He saw that they are on the different sites. The one is in the steemit, while the other is in the PAL.

I guess they figured it out now.

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A clever story! Now our friends have really discovered PAL!

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