A Surprise

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Tomorrow will be Spiky's birthday and Pinky is planning to prank him. She asked some help from Victor to make the prank successful. Their plan is to put Victor inside the gift box and as soon as Spiky open the gift, Victor will jump off through the face of Spiky and scare him.

The Day of executing the prank

They all gathered to celebrate the birthday of Spiky. As you can see, they all have their gifts ready and Pinky seems a little bit late for the party(because she prepared the prank for Spiky).
They were all ready and started to eat. Something is missing, said Spiky. Where is Victor?
He is doing something important, Pinky replied.
They are done eating and started singing the birthday song for Spiky. Then the opening of gifts started, Pinky gave her gift first and then the prank began.

As He open the gift, he saw a dead spider that must have died due to lack of oxygen inside the box. They all panicked and do not have any idea what to do. They screamed and cried, Pinky was so sad and frustrated of doing this kind of prank. It was an unexpected situation. A life was wasted due to a non sense prank.
Spiky was supposed to be the victim of the prank, but the situation changed. Victor was such a great actor that he pranked all of them and made them believe that he died due to suffocation.

See you on my next comic strip!

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Victor can hold his breath for a long time...

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Victor is a strong creature, Victor can pretend to have died at anytime and anywhere, he uses that to catch his prey.

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Hahaha and the prankster got pranked

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