Pinky And Spiky Drawing Contest Week 55

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Do you like the quirky humor of our piglet Pinky and hedgehog Spiky? Can you relate with the screw-ups of Spiky? Or perhaps you have something in common with the order-loving Pinky? Or maybe you like their pets - Cornelius the purple cardinal, Dietrich the mouse, Victor the spider and Betsy the butterfly? They sure add lots of fun to the situations. Here's the thing: my wife Ausra - @laputis and I invite you to join in a contest to draw our beloved imaginary friends and win some STEEM.

Are you an experienced artist? You can participate easily. Are you a beginner like us? No problem. This contest is open to every humor-loving Steemian.


  1. Make a post of a comic strip you made
  2. It could be a single panel or a multi-panel comic strip - the length doesn't matter
  3. Could be a silent comic too - without words.
  4. The comic strip has to follow this contest theme
  5. The comic has to be original and made by you
  6. Digital and conventional art is valid
  7. Use any drawing materials you want
  8. Use #pinkyandspiky as your first tag
  9. Upvote and Resteem this post
  10. Comment this post with link to your entry and a picture so people can see them
  11. The contest is open until Monday, April 15 2019 12:00 PM UTC

Theme: Is Life Fair for Pinky and Spiky?

Comic by @laputis
Will you come up with some exciting and funny comic strip about this? I'm sure you will.


Every participating entry will receive our upvotes. Additionally, 3 winners will be rewarded some STEEM in the following manner:

1st Place: 10 STEEM

2nd Place: 6 STEEM

3rd Place: 4 STEEM

Guest Judge: 2 STEEM

Note About Self-Votes:

Because @laputis and I don't keep SBD or STEEM raised from our own posts to ourselves but rather donate to support not only this contest, but also @deemarshall 's contests, we hope Pinky and Spiky fans will understand the importance of our self-votes too. This way everybody wins - not only we can afford bigger prize pool but also bigger donations.

The way we see it, it's not a self-vote at all - it's our way to help grow Steemit artist community. Oh and by the way, even if we get more Steem Power from our posts, this also means larger upvotes for contest participants.

So please encourage everyone who participate in @deemarshall contests to vote on our posts too because these contests will receive greater donations from us...

Then the whole game is an endless cycle of giving and receiving. And then we all grow together faster... Isn't this what life is all about?


This week we will ask @rappler to be a guest judge whose task will be to pick 3 winners and leave a comment with their choice under this post as soon as possible after the deadline has passed to submit entries. If the guest judge is unavailable or will be late with their nominations, we will pick the winners ourselves. The judge will pick winners based on what made them laugh the most. They will also take into consideration the quality of the comic strip as well - how well it is drawn. However, humor is the most important thing here because when we start drawing, our technique and style isn't at the level of an artist with 10000+ hours of experience.

Our goal here is to support the community while inspiring to create some amazing art and add more laughter to everyone's day.

Questions, comments, ideas? Please let us know your feedback about this contest.

Support our fellow contestants - upvote, resteem and comment their entry to let them know specifically what did you appreciate about their drawing.

Also stay tuned for the post about winners from Week 53!

We hope to see even more entries next week!

And now go wild with Pinky and Spiky!


[Mi participación en el divertido concurso de Spiky y Pinky usuario peqmois.jpg] mi entrda
() peqmois

Saludos @peqmois, excelente tu dibujo, te falta crear un post donde coloques la caricatura que realizaste con las etiquetas que dice el concurso. Luego colocas tu imagen en el post del concurso con su enlace como lo hicistes aqui

Thanks for your entry!

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Please create a post and add a link to it to participate.

Thanks for your entry!

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Thanks for your entry!

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I love the mirror effect

Thanks for your entry!

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Thanks for your entry! I'm confused... Which one is piglet Pinky and which one is hedgehog Spiky?

We had a huge number of entries for this week and all of them were really great!

Here are my picks @organduo

First place: dinglehopper
I chose this as a winner because I saw how the gang suffer while doing their task. Life can really be unfair to them, but they manage to finish and do it beside from their weaknesses.

Second place : cetb2008
I chose this because I love the idea and the concept of being unfair. I guess some of us can relate with this comic strip.

Third place : e-rich
In this comic strip I saw how life is unfair to Spiky because how can you imagine a hedgehog to make a nice pig sound better than a real pig which is Pinky

Thank you for inviting me to be a guest judge in your contest!

Excellent! Thanks so much for your work!

Is it time to pick the winners?

Thanks for your entry! But it's not accepted. You cannot use work which is not yours. It's stealing.