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Hello my wonderful friend, thank you for contacting Rick! How are you and Ausra doing? I pray you both are doing well, and everyone is staying healthy. Rick and I are doing great, and are family is to. I’ll tell you why I haven’t been back on Steemit, and I’ll try and make it as short as I can. Rick and I have been working at a store owned and operated by a large family that we are very close to. The mother and father are good friends that we’ve known for 28 years. Rick actually works there as an employee, I have just volunteered to help them. The reason I have volunteered to help them is because a month and a half ago they lost their first born son “John” they had six children. He was killed in a car accident, he was speeding, lost control of his brand new sports car that he just bought only a few days before, and hit a tree, head on. John was found dead around 12:00 a.m. John decided to test how fast this car could get up to, and how it handled, and there is very few people who are out and about driving at that time in the morning, especially on a week day. John’s wife became worried when he didn’t come home, and called John’s Dad “ Jeff.” Jeff immediately took off two find John. John and his wife have two little kids, and one’s a little baby. Jeff was the first one at the scene and found him dead. He actually died only a few blocks from our hospital, which is located at the very edge of town.
This tore the family up, and they where, and still are in such morning, none of them could face going to work. So there employees that weren’t family, which where very few, had to deal with running the store. They, including Rick where putting over twelve hour shifts, and doing the jobs of six missing people. So I volunteered, to take up the slack as much as I could. Only a couple of weeks ago, they slowly all finally have come back to work. Things are getting better for them, there actually smiling sometimes, they don’t fill quite as numb as they did, and I’m still volunteering their because they still need the support, mentally, and physically.
Thank you so much for your concern, I miss you, may God bless you both and keep you safe. Love ya Deb ❣️

Thanks for replying back, my dear friend @lildebbiecakes! Steem has not been the same without you and RIck... @laputis and I are so sorry to hear about the loss of John. We can't begin to imagine what his family is going through right now... Staying connected with people close to them is so important to avoid drifting into depression. But grief of course is completely natural way of dealing with loss. Thank you for being there for them. They will remember it forever.

Please give our warmest greetings to Rick and know that when you both are ready to come back to Steem, we will be here waiting for you. Just let us know when you start posting so that we don't miss anything you create.

Thank you so much my friends, you are so kind, and I shall definitely let you know ❣️

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