Pungently Odd

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April Fool's Day

Hi Steemians,

Pinky craves for chocolate coated apples and since Spiky is working part time at the nearby convenience store inside Browneartopia she decided to drop by and buy a piece. When she got there she immediately pick one stick from the counter and paid. Before she could even leave, the pungent odor and taste made her about to puke. She turned back and complained. Spiky willingly told her that this is not an apple but an onion. Cornelius and Victor laugh and laugh until their tummy ache.

Hope you like my little entry. Enjoy your weekend everyone.
Thanks and regards,

This comics below I made yesterday for the mermaidmonday contest. I must admit that I love it and could not let go of it yet so I turned it into a Pinky and Spiky comics I know you can spot the similarities.

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I'm glad you used the shapes and format from another contest.

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Yes I did and thanks 😊

Your Spiky is very cute I wish there is a plushie or stuffed toy like that for I will surely buy one. Great work.

I like it too 😊

The artwork is brilliant.

Thanks for dropping by and leaving an encouraging comment

Your welcome

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