Pinky And Spiky Drawing Contest Week 52: Theme: Betsy Running For Mayor Of Browneartopia

in pinkyandspiky •  6 months ago 

Hello friends how are you?
After a long time without participating in the fun contests of @organduo and @laputis I share my comic drawing of the theme of the week dealing with Betsy Running for Mayor of Browneartopia. I found it very fun to make a comic on this subject hehehe ...
And as they will see in the scene their friends apart from supporting and being happy for this great challenge of Betsy, they are thinking about what position they are going to occupy ... hahaha ... What madness hahaha ...
I hope you like it =)
Thanking @organduo and @laputis for making these fun contests =)

pinky y spiky Betsy Running For Mayor Of Browneartopia .jpg

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Pinky and Spiky need to team up and bribe Betsy with flower nectar more...

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hahahaha..!!! a good bribe of flower nectar